Books Read in 2011





1. Wishing for Grace (Inez Kelley, e-freebie, short story)
2. Paradise Found (Vivian Arend, e-ARC, novella)
3. Never Enough (Lauren Dane, digi-ARC)
4. Comfort Zone (KJ Reed, ebk-nov)
5. The Stolen Bride (Abby Green, ARC)
6. Glutton For Pleasure (Alisha Rai, ebk)
7. Good Girls Don’t (Victoria Dahl, NG-ARC)
8. A Kiss for Luck (Kele Moon, e-nov)
9. She Likes Him Bad (Scarlett Scott, e-nov)
10. Party Games (Elise Hepner, e-req.) – DNF
11. Take a Chance on Me (Kate Davies, e-nov)
12. In Bed with a Highlander (Maya Banks, ARC)
13. The Secrets of a Lady (Jenna Petersen, e-ARC)
14. Tropical Sin (Lexxie Couper, e-ARC)
15. Cipher (Moira Rogers, e-ARC)
16. Leave No Trace (Cindy Gerard, nov in Deadly Promises antho)
17. Letting Go (Dee Carney, e-nov)
18. Cover Story (Olivia Brynn, e-nov, req.)

1. Risqué Business (HelenKay Dimon, ebook, won on her blog)
2. Provoke Me ( Cari Quinn, e-req.)
3. Keeping Pace ( Dee Carney, e-req.)
4. The Disgraced Playboy (Caitlin Crews, ARC)
5. Tempting the Enemy (Dee Tenorio, e-req.)
6. Unlocked ( Courtney Milan, e-nov)
7. Risk No Secrets (Cindy Gerard)
8. Turn it Up (Inez Kelley, e-ARC)
9. Sweet Kiss of Summer (Sophie Gunn, ARC)
10. In the Air Tonight (Stephanie Tyler, ARC)
11. Deceiving The Protector (Dee Tenorio, e-ARC)
12. Exotic Indulgence (Vivian Arend/Lexxie Couper/Jess Dee, eARCnov)
13. With No Remorse (Cindy Gerard, ARC)

1. Rising, Freestyle (Vivian Arend, eARC)
2. Little Plaid Skirt Saga – Vol 1 &2 (Elise Hepner, request)
3. Clay (Cheyenne McCray)
4. A Night of Scandal (Sarah Morgan, ARC/request)
5. Deeper than Midnight (Lara Adrian, ARC)
6. Unveiled (Courtney Milan)

1. Wilder’s Mate (Moira Rogers, ebk requested and received for review from author)
2. Bondi Beach Boys (Rhian Cahill, e-nov)
3. Jared (Cat Johnson, e-nov)
4. Taboo (Leslie Dicken, e-ARC nov)
5. Yours to Keep (Shannon Stacey, e- ARC)
6. When You Dare (Lori Foster, NG)
7. Undercover Lovers (anthology, e-ARC received from 1 of the authors, Cari Quinn)
8. Tempted by Trouble (Liz Fielding, ARC)

1. The Sweetest Thing (Jill Shalvis)
2. On the Fence (Keri Ford, e-nov)
3. Caught on Camera (Meg Maguire, category)
4. The Reluctant Nude (Meg Maguire, e-nov)
5. A Song for my Mother (Kat Martin, ROOB-arc)
6. In The Hay (Keri Ford, e-nov, req)

1. Ecstasy In Darkness (Gena Showalter)
2. Text Me (KJ Reed, e-novella)
3. Faithful to a Fault (KJ Reed, e-novella)
4. Hidden Away (Maya Banks)
5. Saddled and Spurred (Lorelei James)
6. Wicked Dirty (Scarlett Scott, e-novella)
7. Through the Wall (Keri Ford, e-novella)
8. A Lot Like Love (Julie James)
9. Fade to Midnight (Shannon McKenna)
10. Mesmerized (Lauren Dane, digital ARC)

1. The Guy Next Door (anthology, NG)
2. Everyone Loves A Hero (Marie Force, ARC)
3. Lady Doctor Wyre (Joely Sue Burkhart, e-ARC)
4. Insatiable (Cari Quinn, e-Req)
5. Turn It Up (Vivian Arend, ebk)
6. Carnal Secrets (Nadia Lee, req/e-ARC)
7. Jimmy (Cat Johnson, ebk)

Deadlock (Moira Rogers, eARC)
Zola’s Pride (Moira Rogers, anthology story, ebk)
A Pirate’s Possession (Michelle Beattie, FBVR Review)
Any Given Sunday (Mari Carr, eARC)
Unstoppable (Laura Griffin, anthology story)
Skin Heat (Ava Gray, ARC)
Reveal Me (Cari Quinn, e-novella)
Sweet As Sin (Inez Kelley, e-ARC NetGalley)
How Sweet It Is (Sophie Gunn, ARC)


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