Kiss and Tell – Cherry Adair


Marnie Wright has seen her fair share of testosterone, having grown up with four over-protective brothers. But now a long haired mountain man named Jake Dolan has invaded a peaceful day of soul-searching at her grandmother’s old cabin. Sure, she was trespassing on his private property, but did he have to pull a gun on her? After being stashed in his secret underground lair – complete with security monitors and a huge arsenal – Marnie realizes the guy is military, top secret, military. Yet he also has the most beautiful mouth she has ever seen.

The last thing Jake wants in his dangerous life is a woman. Doesn’t like them. Doesn’t need them. But a man would have to be dead not to fall for the sexy-as-sin Marnie Wright. But how could he have feelings for someone who may be killed for being close to him? His days, after all, are numbered…

Marnie Wright goes to her grandmother’s cabin on the mountain to decide what she really wants to do with her life. She wants to get away from her 4 bossy brothers and father who pamper her and actually live her life for her.
She runs straight into Jake Dolan, who turns out to be just the man for her, although he’s even bossier than her brothers and father combined.
Jake is part of an organization that fights terrorists (T-FLAC) and he’s being framed as a mole.

They are the school example of opposites that attract. Marnie a delicate and petite blonde. Jake a big, sometimes rude, and dark black ops officer on suspension. Marnie has a tendancy to babble and speak her mind without thinking. Jake is a man of few words which he certainly doesn’t waste on unneccesary conversation. But their attraction to each other is strong and undeniable, even for Jake.

Then a group of assassins come for Jake. And this is a turning point in the book. The petite and delicate Marnie truly stands her ground and saves Jake’s life a few times and she proves to be someone you can rely on when you have a group of terrorist assasins trying to off you.

I thought this was a great book and I think I’m hooked on Cherry Adair now. Her writing style is plain, simple, action-packed and fast-paced. The suspense she creates is awesome and so are the characters, both main and secondary. There’s no feeling of the story being rushed into a satisfying ending but a well rounded good story with awesome suspense building and a lot of action. Trees crashing on cabins, gunfights, fistfights, assassins, hiding in an underground hightech lair….I just kept reading and reading just wanting to find out what would happen next.

But there are also the feeings between Marnie and Jake and the dilemma’s they each have to deal with. There is Jake’s loneliness, Marnie’s sorrow and grief for her grandmother and the way she tries to get a hold of her own life. And in the midst of all this there’s love and passion in some beautiful love scenes. I had a lot of lumps in the throat moments but there were also scenes I couldn’t help but smile.

This was my first romantic suspense novel I ever read and I must say if other books in this genre are like this one, it defenitely wasn’t the last one. At least the following books in the T-FLAC series are already on my shelf so I’m going to read them very soon because I can’t wait to find out how the stories of Marnie’s brothers will be.

Two thumbs up for Cherry Adair and T-FLAC!

She wanted to live, not just exist

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