Wicked Ties – Shayla Black

She didn’t know what she wanted until he made her beg for it…

Morgan O’Malley has seen a lot of kinky things as the hostess of a cable sex talk show. But she’s never met a man like Jack Cole before. A self-proclaimed dominant, he’s as alpha as a male can get – and good for Morgan to have around when an obsessed stalker ratchets up his attempts to get to her.

Though Jack is a bodyguard, Morgan feels anything but safe in his presence. Because slowly and seductively, Jack is bringing her deepest fantasies to the surface. And when he bends her to his will, what’s more shocking than her surrender is how much she enjoys it – and starts to crave his masterful touch. A willing player in Jack’s games, Morgan knows that his motives aren’t pure, but she has no idea how personal they are…

“Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the hands of a man whose sole purpose is to give you pleasure?”
This first sentence of the book combined with the first sentence of the blurb on the back of wound my expectations up to a sensual high. This could only be good!
And believe me it was! It was good, compelling, tantalizing, breathtaking, intense and not to mention sizzling hot!

Jack is an ex-soldier turned bodyguard. The ultimate alpha male: arrogant, dominant, controlling, bossy and powerful. Plotting revenge and intending to use Morgan to do this, not knowing that things aren’t what they seem his feelings for Morgan really take him by surprise.

Morgan is a sassy, strong and brave talk-show host with secret sexual desires but fighting them and her natural self for the sake of propriety, because of her upbringing and her disappointing previous relationships.
But Jack slowly makes her accept her true self and her wishes to fulfill her needs and desires, every last secret one…

And despite her desires Morgan doesn’t give into Jack demands and commands without a fight. She no brainless twit just falling for the first man able to give her what she’s been longing for and she’s fiery enough to put up some defiance in dealing with uber-alpha Jack.
Both Morgan and Jack have complex layers to them which are peeled of by each other little by little revealing their true wishes and desires
They are characters you can’t but love.
And then there’s secondary character Deke…another ultimate alpha getting his own book with Decadent! I can’t wait to read his story.
He was as intriguing in this book being an important secondary character as Jack or Morgan. So him being the hero of a book promises good times…

The book explores the BDSM and D/s scene and Black does this masterfully, mixing this scene with suspense, eroticism and well-written characters into a blend that’s absolutely more than some sexscenes held together by a plot.
It’s filled with emotion, sensuality, thrilling suspense and interactions that shake you to the core.
It’s absolutely sinful to write erotic novels as good as this one. My senses suffered temporary overload , rumbled and tossed around not only by the erotic scenes but also by the characters and their development during the story. And she has a way of describing sexual acts, even ones you’re not really familiar or comfortable with, that leaves you stunned and breathles and wishing you had an huge A/C-unit to keep you from combusting into flames…or grabbing dear hubby and do some exploring myself…
The book gripped me from the very first sentence to the very last and never let me go, holding me tightly in its sensual and emotional grasp. From the cooling element needed with the eroctic scenes right up to the tissues I needed at the heartbreaking end of the book.

Jack was her mind’s nightmare – arrogant, demanding, difficult. But he was her psyche’s fantasy – hot, untamed, determined to have her and force her to experience every naughty fantasy her fevered mind had ever conjured up.

The wicked, burning pressure had Morgan pounding her fist on the table. Pleasure and pain. Forbidden and fabulous.

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