…Romantic Suspense and Single Author Anthologies.

After reading Cherry Adair’s Mercenary I found out I really, really like the romantic suspense genre…Everyone develops their own favourite genre in the proces of reading a lot of books and now that I’ve read english romance novels for over a year now I have discovered that this theme is the theme I’m most into…Don’t get me wrong I love the paranormal and the historicals too but romantic suspense really does it for me…especially when it’s combined with hot and steamy romance.

Another thing I’m finding out is that I also like the Single Author Anthologies with short connected stories.
Have some on my shelves now by Lucy Monroe, Jasmine Haynes, Sasha White, Maggie Shayne and some others are on the wishlist and although I’m not really into antology-stories this particular kind does appeal to me. I’ll be reading and reviewing some soon.


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