Lord of Desire – Paula Quinn

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He Is Every Woman’s Fantasy…
Darkly handsome and sensual, Lord Brand Risande–known as “The Passionate”–is temptation incarnate. But his prowess on the battlefield and in the bedchamber hides a bitter secret: the betrayal that has sealed his heart. Now as this most feared warrior rides out to possess the lands he has won in war, he engages his most formidable enemy ever.

And One Woman’s Destiny.
Lady Brynnafar Dumont is prepared to do anything to protect her people–even seduce the savage Norman knight who defeated her father. Prepared to face down a cold-blooded beast, she instead confronts a wickedly attractive scoundrel who wants nothing to do with her. It’s enough to sting a lady’s pride…and strengthen her resolve. Innocent as she is, now she must use all her charms to defeat Lord Brand in the only battle worth fighting–the one for his love.

Brand Risande came to Avarloch to claim his victory and collect his winnings. What he didn’t expect was to find the ultimate temptation in the form of a fiery and feisty Saxon lady determined to stay and protect her home.
Brynna Dumont awaited the Norman knight who defeated her father, determined not to give him an inch but she didn’t expect him to be the man of her dreams, able to set her body and soul on fire.

I just loved everything about this book: every single character, the love story, the historical background, the love scenes…everything!
I was swooned by William, the brute but intriguing Norman duke. I was impressed by Brynna’s father Richard who’d go through fire to protect his daughter and I was charmed by Brand’s brother Dante with his perceptive and enthralling character. But being the hero and heroine of the story, Brand and Brynna were the ones who really captured my attention the most. Brynna is proud, stubborn, fearless, defiant and loyal. Prepared to fight for her home and her people. I loved the way she stood up to Brand and wasn’t afraid of him or William. When she gives, she gives her all…in fighting and in loving. Brand is a passionate and fierce warrior, He has once been betrayed and therefore distrusting of women and their love. Especially the woman he has to marry against his will. But despite his distrust he develops feelings for her from the very beginning.
Brand is the drool-worthy hero, making me wish I was a lady of those times, just to have a Norman knight like him to yield to. But he’s more than just attractive and powerful. Behind the walls he has pulled up to protect his heart from betrayal and hurt, he is honorable and loyal. Once Brynna wins his heart, she has it forever.

This story grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. It has engaging and well-written characters that have so much depth to them they almost aren’t two-dimensional anymore. It has a heart-wrenching love story that moves you deep in your heart. It’s full of historical tidbits that are easily imbedded into the story, giving it more depth and background. And this all is delivered in an easy and fluent writing style, paced just right. The love scenes are nothing short of masterful, sensual and steamy.

It has been a long time since I indulged in a medieval tale of betrayal, passion, love and trust like this one. It was sultry and luscious and I was truly enchanted and captivated, lured by its brilliance and originality.

He was a beautiful, dark warrior. A warrior who could change his appearance with a simple smile and become an angel.

Brand: “I will take what I want like the demon-possessed savage that I am.”

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