The Darkest Fire – Gena Showalter (ebook)

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He is the guardian of hell, more monster than man.
She is the goddess of oppression, more angel than woman.
Together they will enter the flames to battle a horde of demon lords — and discover a passion unlike any other…
Discover the origin of the dimOuniak and the demon spirits trapped within.

Because the story is too short to do a satisfying short summary of my own without spoiling most of it’s content, the synopsis above from the website will have to suffice as a summary and I’ll go straight to my opinion of this prequel to Gena Showalter’s new paranormal series.

The Lords of the Underworld Series centers around the demons that were released from Pandora’s box. I had the advantage of already having read the first full-length novel in the series and then it’s nice to have this prequel that explains how Pandora’s box came to be.
Geryon (Guardian of Hell) and Kadence’s (Goddess of Oppression) love story is an added bonus for me and to be completely honest nothing more than that.

Being a huge Gena Showalter fan and obsessive in having series complete I had to have and read it and I really liked it as far as you can really like a story as short as this one. However I can imagine people not liking this novella, readers who could have done without it and I wonder if this prequel may deter people, who aren’t already into Gena’s writing, from this new series because it doesn’t have all the elements I love about Gena’s writing. All I can say to those people is: try the first full-length novel before you put this series aside.

Because it’s a novella of only 63 pages it could never have the depth of a full-length novel and truthfully I didn’t expect that. Still I really liked this prequel. What it lacked on the humor and bantering I love in Gena’s books, it made up for it in its intensity and for me it was an emotional treat!
The feelings both Kadence and Geryon experience are so intense they kept me glued to the screen.

In short, I loved the story and liked knowing the origin of Pandora’s box and the demons that house inside the Lords of the Underworld but I think this novella is only a must have if you’re a Gena Showalter fan and if you’re not sure about it, skip it and go straight for the full length books in this series.

She was the break of dawn in the bleakness that was his life. She was refreshing ice in smoldering heat

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One thought on “The Darkest Fire – Gena Showalter (ebook)

  1. I really enjoyed Darkest Fire, although I thought Darkest Night was better (possibly because the length allowed for more plot and character development). Still, for the price (I don’t know about the paperback price, but I bought the ebooks version and it was cheap), it was more than worth it. I’m really looking forward to Showalter’s next offering.

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