Completely Irresistible – Sheridon Smythe


Back cover:
It all started with three spoiled standard poodles with an uncanny knack for mischief. Kasidy Evans knew she’d have her hands full, but she never imagined she’d find them engaged in a tug of war with a gloriously naked man—over his shorts. Apparently the willful canines took exception to their new owner, and Kasidy had to agree. Wyatt Love was nothing but a gigolo. Kasidy told herself his gorgeous, bronzed body was off limits, and his unexpected sweetness did not touch her heart, but the truth was, she found Wyatt Love…Completely Irresistible

Wyatt Love is stunned when he appointed caretaker of her estate after the death of one of his former clients at the escort service. It’s only temporary until the long lost granddaughter arrives to claim her heritage. What he doesn’t know is that the granddaughter is already under his nose, incognito.
Kasidy Evans has her own reasons for not wanting anything to do with her grandmother and her inheritance. She infiltrates the estate looking for evidence to exonerate a loved one who’s in trouble.
This is the start of a fun book filled with confusion, mischief, passion and miscommunication

Kasidy is the daughter of a wealthy heiress and a car mechanic with a criminal past. She is passionate, cautious and a tomboy with a mind of her own.
Her parents were together against her grandmother’s wishes and they were always on the run from her detectives who were trying to get Kasidy and her mother to return home. After her mother’s death Kasidy is determined to maintain the independent life her mother strived for. Due to some miscommunication she believes Wyatt was her grandmother’s gigolo and because of it she has a hard time dealing with the fiery attraction between them.

Wyatt Love is the likeable, charming and playful one of the Love twins. His brother Dillon is the serious and introverted one. Wyatt is the one people like immediately because of his outgoing personality. He likes to play practical jokes and kid around. But when he meets Kasidy and falls in love with her, head over heels, it’s the perfect opportunity for Dillon to turn the tables on him and pay him back for all the pranks Wyatt pulled on him over the years.

The secondary characters are formed by a parade of family members and friends, round up by Dillon to exact his plan of revenge on Wyatt. The three poodles, Larry, Moe and Curly, play their mischievous and evil part and they were crucial in bringing Wyatt and Kasidy together.
And of course the trilogy wouldn’t be complete without another appearance in the final book by my favorite recurring secondary character: Mrs. Scuttle. She played her part true to form and provided the laughs at exactly the right time and place. She had me laughing out loud on many occasions.

The writing is smooth and fast-paced without any heavy or intense emotions the book was full of light and witty fun. The romance was filled with endearing and funny moments against a background of a very nice plot that intrigues despite its simplicity. The only small let down in the plot was the fact that the miscommunication between Kasidy and Wyatt continues a few pages to many when Kasidy’s identity is revealed. For me some things could have been cleared up earlier in the story.

This trilogy has left me wondering how a duo of authors pulls this of, because while reading you really can’t tell it’s more than one person writing the story. I would love to know what their method is. Do they each write a scene or a chapter? Maybe one day I’ll find out.

Sheridon Smythe weaves humor, characters and romance into a delightful, feel-good story. It put a smile on my face from beginning to end with a plot that has a surprising conclusion, with a great romance between appealing characters and with secondary characters that shine brightly but don’t steal the show.

I’ve waited a long time to get my hands on this third and last installment of the Mr. Complete Trilogy and boy, it was worth the wait. I rolled into the witty world of scrumptious escorts as if it hadn’t been more than a year since I read Dillon’s story. From page 1 COMPLETELY IRRESISTIBLE kept me enthralled, amused, aroused and endeared.



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