Books Read in 2010

Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto (Liz Fielding, req.)
Promises in the Dark (Stephanie Tyler, ARC)
Waiting for Wednesday (Mari Carr, ebk)
Sex On The Slopes (Susan Lyons, ROOB ARC)
No Place to Run (Maya Banks, ARC)
Falling, Freestyle (Vivian Arend, e-ARC)
Never Have I Ever (Alisha Rai, e-ARC)
Sweet Thursday (Mari Carr, ebk)
Friday I Love You (Mari Carr, ebk)
Saturday Night Special (Mari Carr, ebk)

Undeniably Yours (Shannon Stacey, eARC NetGalley)
A Midnight Clear (Kristi Astor, ARC)
Doing Logan (Rhian Cahill, e-novella)
The Icing on the Cake (Alison Kent, req. )
The Duke’s Temptation (Jillian Hunter, FVBR Review)
Lipstick on his Collar (Inez Kelley, e-ARC)
Deadly Intent (Kylie Brant, FVBR Review)

Hard to Hold (Julie Leto, req.)
Surrender of a Lady (Tiffany Clare, won ARC)
Hurt Me So Good (Joely Sue Burkhart, e-ARC)
Holding Out for a Hero (HelenKay Dimon)
Scoundrel (Zoe Archer, ARC)
Shaken (Dee Tenorio, e-ARC)
Wolf Tracks (Vivian Arend, e-ARC)
Lie With Me (Stephanie Tyler, ARC)
Impulsive (HelenKay Dimon, ARC)
Inside Out (Lauren Dane, ARC)
Come Monday (Mari Carr, ebk)
Just Right (Erin Nicholas, ebk)
Ruby Tuesday (Mari Carr, ebk)

The Darkest Hour (Maya Banks, ARC)
The Morning After (J.K. Coi, e-novella)
Singapore Fling (Rhian Cahill, e-novella)
Trey (Cat Johnson, e-novella)
Jack (Cat Johnson, e-novella)
Simply Irresistible (Jill Shalvis, FVBR Review)
No Matter What (Erin Nicholas, ebk)
Southern Comfort (Eve Cassidy, ebk novella)
One Night in Bangkok (Rhian Cahill, e-novella)
Atlantis Betrayed (Alyssa Day, FVBR Review)
Personal Research (Cari Quinn, e-novella)
Taken by Midnight (Lara Adrian, ARC)
Second Chances (Lauren Dane, eARC, NetGalley)

Whirlpool (Vivian Arend, eARC)
Naked Dragon (Annette Blair)
Coming Clean (Inez Kelley, eARC NetGalley)
A Proper Seduction (HelenKay Dimon, ebk)
Shadows at Midnight (Elizabeth Jennings, FVBR Review)
Alien Revealed (Lilly Cain, NetGalley)
Texas Tangle (Leah Braemel, NetGalley)
Atlantis Redeemed (Alyssa Day)
Bedeviled Angel (Annette Blair, FVBR Review)
Consent to the Cowboy (Abby Wood, NetGalley)
Visions of Heat (Nalini Singh)
Warrior (Zoe Archer, eARC)

Insatiable (Lauren Dane, eARC)
Raising Kane (Lorelei James, ebk)
Trinity (Lauren Dane, ebk)
Revelation (Lauren Dane, eARC)
Captured by Desire (Kira Morgan, FVBR Review)
Tidal Wave (Vivian Arend, ebk)
Unspeakable (Laura Griffin, ROOB req.)
The Forbidden Rose (Joanna Bourne, FVBR Review)
The Darkest Lie (Gena Showalter, NetGalley)
Corralled (Lorelei James, ARC)
Full Disclosure (Cari Quinn, ebk)
A Little Bit Wild (Victoria Dahl, ARC)
A Hollywood Affair (Sally Royer-Derr, req.)
Ex Appeal (Cari Quinn, req.)

The Missing (Shiloh Walker, ARC)
Tempting the Marquess (Sara Lindsey, FVBR Review)
Talk Dirty To Me (Tory Richards, ebk) – NOT REVIEWED
Promise Me Tonight (Sara Lindsey)
Locked and Loaded (Samantha Cayto, ebk) – NOT REVIEWED
Nothing But Sex (Fran Lee, ebk) – NOT REVIEWED
Jinxed (Inez Kelley, ebk)
Driven (Jayne Rylon, ebk) – NOT REVIEWED
Drilled (Regina Carlysly, ebk) – NOT REVIEWED
Liberty Starr (Rebecca E. Grant, ROOB e-ARC)
Veiled Seduction (Alisha Rai, req.)
Veiled Desire (Alisha Rai)
Bloodgate Guardian (Joely Sue Burkhart, eARC)
Criminal Instinct (Kelly Lynn Parra, eARC)Exclusively Yours (Shannon Stacey, eARC)Song of Seduction (Carry Lofty, ROOB eARC)Coin Operated (Ginny Glass, ROOB eARC)Stick Shift (Lissa Matthews, ebk)When Marrying a Scoundrel (Kathryn Smith, e-ARC)Under the Gun (HelenKay Dimon, cat)Straight Up (Deirdre Martin, FVBR Review)Skin Tight (Ava Gray, e-ARC)Seducing the Highlander (Emma Wildes, ARC FV)Desire Me (Robyn DeHart, FVBR Review) Lover Mine (J.R. Ward)
Mistress by Mistake (Maggie Robinson)Rocky Mountain Haven (Vivian Arend, ebk)Dead Again (Tracey Cooper-Posey, eARC)Rocky Mountain Heat (Vivian Arend, ebk)The Darkest Passion (Gena Showalter, eARC)Coming Undone (Stephanie Tyler, cat)Relentless (Lauren Dane)Patience (Lisa Valdez)Rule’s Bride (Kat Martin, ROOB eARC)Atlantis Unmasked (Alyssa Day)Seduce Me (Robyn DeHart)
Something About You (Julie James)Rampant (Saskia Walker, ARC)Random (Craig Robertson, ARC)Instant Temptation (Jill Shalvis, ARC)Instant Gratification (Jill Shalvis)Reese’s Bride (Kat Martin, ROOB req.)Instant Attraction (Jill Shalvis)Wolf Games (Vivian Arend, eARC)Sinful Surrender (Beverley Kendall, req.)Wolf Flight (Vivian Arend, ebk)Wolf Signs (Vivian Arend, ebk) Glory in Death (J.D. Robb)
Original Sin (Allison Brennan, req.)
No Reservations (Megan Hart and Lauren Dane)
Taking Care of Business (Megan Hart and Lauren Dane)
Broken (Shiloh Walker, ARC)
Coming Undone (Lauren Dane)
Fragile (Shiloh Walker)
Hold on Tight (Stephanie Tyler, ARC)Cam’s Holiday (Ciana Stone, ebk)Sin on Skin (Mari Freeman, ebk)Assume the Positions (Mari Carr, ebk)Hot to Trot (Desiree Holt, ebk)Blood Ties (Lori G. Armstrong)Winters’ Thaw (Dalton Diaz, ebk)Crossroads (Moira Rogers, eARC)Too Hot to Hold (Stephanie Tyler)Slow Heat (Jill Shalvis, ARC)Beauty of Sunset (Lynne Connolly, ebk)Shades of Midnight (Lara Adrian)Play It Again, Sam (Samantha Kane, ebk)


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