FUTURE HEROES (Their books have not been released/written yet)

  • Joel and Jesse Coleman (Six Pack Ranch, Vivian Arend)
  • Sterling Chase (Midnight Breed, Lara Adrian)
  • Ryan (ALL OF YOU, Rhian Cahill)

HEROINES(in random order)

  • Gillian Forrester (Brown Siblings, Lauren Dane)
  • Taige Branch (THE MISSING, Shiloh Walker)
  • PJ (Patricia Jane) (Hold, Stephanie Tyler)
  • Jane Morgan (Tumble Creek, Victoria Dahl)
  • Molly Jennings (Tumble Creek, Victoria Dahl)
  • Crystal Debrowski (Black Ops Inc, Cindy Gerard)
  • Gwen (Lords of the Underworld, Gena Showalter)
  • Riley Dawson (Warriors of Poseidon, Alyssa Day)

HEROES(in random order)

  • Alec Jacobson (Southern Arcana, Moira Rogers)
  • Caz Talbot (WISHING FOR GRACE, Inez Kelley)
  • Pale Rysen (Resurrection, Dee Tenorio)


  • Nunzio McGinty (PERSONAL RESEARCH, Cari Quinn)
  • TJ Lynus (Granite Lake Wolves, Vivian Arend)
  • Andrew “Cope” Copeland (Brown Siblings, Lauren Dane)
  • Saxon Grant (SINGAPORE FLING, Rhian Cahill)
  • Brennan (Warriors of Poseidon, Alyssa Day)
  • Max de La Vega (De La Vega Cats, Lauren Dane)
  • Jarod Reed (Dirty Laundry, Ginny Glass and Inez Kelley)
  • Søren Frost aka Addison Foster (Skin, Ava Gray)
  • Aeron (Lords of the Underworld, Gena Showalter)
  • Charles Dixon (TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS + NO RESERVATIONS, Megan Hart and Lauren Dane)
  • Luke Rafferty (FRAGILE, Shiloh Walker)
  • Wade O’Riley (Pacific Heat, Jill Shalvis)
  • Nick Devane (Hold, Stephanie Tyler)
  • Jack Donohue (Rough Riders, Lorelei James)
  • Billy Chase (Tumble Creek, Victoria Dahl)
  • Damon Roche (Sweet, Maya Banks)
  • Cabal St. Laurents (Breeds, Lora Leigh)
  • Colt McKay (Rough Riders, Lorelei James)
  • Jake McGregor (Magic, Cheyenne McCray)
  • Stacey Quinn (Knock Me Off My Feet, Susan Donovan)
  • Johnny Duane Reed (Black Ops Inc., Cindy Gerard)
  • Gregor Faustin (Faustin Brothers, Evie Byrne)
  • Ben Lawson (Tumble Creek, Victoria Dahl)
  • Rehvenge (Black Dagger Brotherhood, J.R. Ward)
  • Nikolai (Midnight Breed, Lara Adrian)
2008 and earlier
  • Jake Lowell (Dark Crescent Sisterhood, Anna Windsor)
  • Sean McCloud (McCloud Brothers, Shannon McKenna)
  • Lucien Knight (Knight Miscellany, Gaelen Foley)
  • Kane Tyler (Breeds, Lora Leigh)
  • Raine (Lords of Satyr, Elizabeth Amber)
  • Lachlan MacLean (McLeods of Skye, Monica McCarty)
  • Evanor (Sons of Destiny, Jean Johnson)
  • Ethan MacCarrick (MacCarrick Brothers, Kresley Cole)
  • Jack Cole (Wicked Ties, Shayla Black)
  • Ven (Warriors of Poseidon, Alyssa Day)
  • Butch O’Neal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, J.R. Ward)
  • Vane Cynster (Bar Cynster, Stephanie Laurens)
  • Vane Kattalakis (Darkhunters/Werehunters, Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  • Jack Devlin (Suddenly You, Lisa Kleypas)

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