Pearl’s Reading Challenge

Inspired by reading/tbr-challenges on other websites and blogs and compelled by my own mountain of books to be read I decided to set up a reading challenge of my own. I will start this challenge in April with:
THE UNSUNG HERO (Suzanne Brockman)

My main objectives are:

  1. Finish series I’ve started reading a while ago. Those series you’ve read the first one or two and loved but then you get distracted by other books and new authors and the rest of the series just stays there on the shelves, feeling neglected.
  2. Start reading some books and series that have been gracing my bookshelves for over 2 years now. Those books that screamed at you to buy them but turn very silent when it comes to reading them.

Before setting up this challenge for myself, I did some research to see what was out there and what form would work best for me. I think I’ve found the way but only time will tell if it really works and if I can stick to the schedule I’ve set up. I’ve decided to go by genre and will start with one challenge-book per month. I divided my books in the six genres you’ll find below. 

  • Suspense (romantic suspense, mysteries & thrillers)
  • Paranormal (no further categorization needed)
  • Contemporary (contemporary romance & chicklit)
  • Romantica (erotic romance & erotica)
  • Fantasy (fantasy romance & urban fantasy)
  • Historical (no further categorization needed)

Every genre will have a challenge-book read twice a year and in every genre I’ll read one from objective 1 (Catch Up) and one from objective 2 (New). I decided to divide the genres throughout the year as follows:

Romantica – Catch Up

Fantasy – New

Historical – Catch Up

Suspense – New

Paranormal – Catch Up

Contemporary – New

Romantica – New

Fantasy – Catch Up

Historical – New

Suspense – Catch Up

Paranormal – New

Contemporary – Catch Up

Of course anyone who wants to join in is welcome, If you wish to join just post your own challenge on your blog and let me know. I will then put up a link to your blog in my sidebar in the challenge section. I have created a small version of my own challenge image as on the side bar, which you are free but not obligated to use and/ore link:

Reading Challenge for 2009, starting in April

  • THE UNSUNG HERO (Suzanne Brockman)
  • PRIMAL DESIRES (Susan Sizemore)
  • KNOCK ME OFF MY FEET (Susan Donovan)
  • WOLFTALES (Kate Douglas)
  • HIDE AND SEEK (Cherry Adair)
  • MY DEMON’S KISS (Lucy Blue)
  • NOBODY’S BABY BUT MINE (Susan Elizabeth Phillips)

Finally, there’s no need to say that reviews will be made of the challenge-books too and to distinguish them from the ROOB-reviews and my own regular reviews the challenge-image will be included in the post and challenge reviews are posted every last day of the month.


4 thoughts on “Pearl’s Reading Challenge

  1. Good luck with your challenge, I will think about one for myself and let you know, but first I have a review challenge to face, since I ammmmmm wayyyyyy behind, but this sounds good, I too need to finish series I have started and not finished. I hope you succeed!!Hugs,DM

  2. Pearl, Love the Challenge and will dive in to it more on Monday and see if I can participate. I have got myself some new books and some to catch up with as well LOLAs always it looks thorough and very funfilled ;DHugs,Leontine

  3. *Wave* I applaud you for having Kate Douglas's Wolf Tales as part of your challenge! She is a little too hard core for me, but hey authors can't all be the Nora Roberts of romance. One day I'll laugh at this I'm sure. Great idea, rooting for ya.K.C. aka smokinhotbooks

  4. I've started reading it and I must say I am very ambiguous about it…I don't shy away from erotica and expliciteness but sex with a total stranger within the first 10 pages….I must not judge too hard because Passion (Lisa Valdez) started that way too and I ADORE that book but still…

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