What’s with the White Shirt-covers?

During a visit with fellow book-addict and friend Dream-Mistress more than a week ago of course we ended up talking about books (what else!! *grin*) and my attention was drawn to one of her books (Wicked Burn by Beth Kery). When we went searching for more books by that author we found a cover that portrayed a man with an open white shirt. We both remembered having seen this type of cover before and when I found a picture of the cover of Nalini Singh’s next Psy/Changeling book ((Blaze of Memory) the other day, I decided to take a look on my bookshelves and my wishlist and discovered at least 6 other books with the same cover. 
What’s up with this man in a white-shirt that’s (partially) open? A new trend in bookcovers? 
Not that I’m complaining…



2 thoughts on “What’s with the White Shirt-covers?

  1. I’m just reading this post and I’ve not really got a clue why there are so many covers with buff man candy in white tee’s but hubba hubba, it looks soooooo good. I think perhaps it is a combo of innocent white colored materials that features or frames tanned lickable skin and that does the trick, or at least it does for me.BTW You’ve got some hot cover love going on in your post Pearl ;D

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