The Amazon’s Curse – Gena Showalter

Back Cover copy:
Zane, a fierce vampire warrior, has been enslaved by the Amazons. Nola, a lovely Amazon soldier, has been cursed with invisibility.
Now, these two stubborn enemies must overcome the pasts that haunt them and embrace a love that can set them free…

This story continues where we left it at the end of THE VAMPIRE’S BRIDE. It’s the story of the vampire Zane and the amazon Nola. Four months after they were imprisoned by the gods on an island and forced to compete in a ridiculous contest to provide entertainment for the fickle gods, they are both back in Atlantis. Zane as a prisoner of the amazons, Nola cursed not to be seen, heard or felt by those around her, totally unnoticeable. Until that changes and she can be seen and heard but still not touched. She helps Zane escape and he promises to come back for her. Every time Nola admits her love for Zane to herself she gets one part of herself back, first they can see her, then they can hear her and finally they can touch her again.

Nola hates men because of her past, being sold of by her mother to any willing male. She is fierce and a keeps a bit to herself because of her distrust of other people. She is very confused by the feelings Zane ignites in her.

Zane hates women and can’t stand to be touched because of his past as a sex slave for the demon queen. He has once sacrificed himself for love and his efforts were thrown back in his face. Therefore, he too is reluctant to trust others and his feelings for Nola. He is powerful and headstrong. His determination giving him the strength needed to fight for his king.

Nola and Zane are very much alike. They are full of pride and possess a similar defiant streak. Despite their convincing intolerance of other people’s touches Nola does not find Zane’s touch repulsive and Zane allowes Nola to touch him and even enjoys it.
There are a few secondary characters, which have small parts in the story. Because of the shortness of the story there was no room for more and I was glad because it would have taken away from the story between Nola and Zane.

With only 54 pages this short novella, leaves little room for depth or true plot but I thought it was a nice extended epilogue to THE VAMPIRE’S BRIDE, giving Nola and Zane their happily ever after in a delightful and quick read. It contained everything I love about Gena’s writing and I can add another notch to the Atlantis collection, which is proving to be a great series with lots of potential. I am curious which characters Gena will be tackling next in this series.

In that moment his entire existence made sense. He’d been born to be this woman’s mate. He’d given himself to a demon to better understand this precious woman’s pain. He’d been chosen for the gods’ cruel game to ensure this woman’s survival.


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