Whisper No Lies Quotes

As I was reading Whisper No Lies I soon noticed that the colored markers of quotes I would love to use in my review were almost starting to take over. Every few pages I would either laugh-out-loud, be touched or just melt at something said, thought or done by either Crystal or Johnny.

As I was writing my review I was already starting to panic because I didn’t know which three I was going to pick for my review. As may or may not be known at ROOB there is a sort of rule that the reviewers don’t include more than 3 quotes in the reviews.

As you can see: I had marked a lot more than three:

Because I didn’t want to leave the ones I didn’t chose for the official review out, I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to the quotes from WHISPER NO LIES (Cindy Gerard). It’s one of the longest reviews I’ve ever written and the book in which I marked the most quotes ever. Even more than in my Lora Leigh and Lorelei James reads…And really, that says a lot!!!

*Crystal’s newly adopted motto was: Men. Can’t live with ’em. Can’t tie ’em to a train track and wait for Amtrak to do the deed.

Crystal and Wong Li after the proposition:
Did you understand that my answer is no?”
“Mr. Yao understands your response but respectfully rejects your answer.”
She blinked. “He said that?” She hadn’t heard a word.
“Mr. Yao is quite taken with you. He expresses regret that you are reluctant to allow him the opportunity to get to know you better but must insist on your cooperation.”
“No, seriously. Is he like texting you or something because I never saw his lips move.”

Crystal when Johnny comes to bail her out when she’s arrested:
Jesus, would you look at him. Hair too long and too blond. Eyes too sexy and too blue. Body too buff, ego in danger of lift-off. Standing there in his tight faded jeans, painted-on T-shirt, and snakeskin boots, he looked like God’s guilty gift. Trouble was, he knew it.

Johnny after watching Crystal sleeping in only a towel:
“Down, boy,” he muttered as his hair-trigger dick rose to the occasion.
He rolled his tongue back into his mouth, sucked in a bracing breath, and headed straight for the shower where he seriously considered a little hand-to-dick combat to arrest the situation.
“What? Are you friggin’ thirteen?” Disgusted with himself, he stepped into the shower.

Johnny and Crystal arguing about Crystal going along on a rescue mission with him and the others:
“When pigs fly.”
“Yeah, well, seems to me they already did the day I dropped you on your ass.”
When he didn’t deny it, Doc broke into a grin. “A girl? An itty-bitty girl got the drop on you, macho boy? Hell, maybe you’d better sit out this op, Reed, ’cause you’re obviously slippin’.”

Johnny and Crystal in the shower:
He groped for and found the showerhead. Then he pressed her against the shower wall and hung on for the rest of the ride as she took him down the path to perdition. Yeah. He was destroyed. Utterly. Irrevocable. Blissfully. Tinkerbell had taken him down. And there wasn’t a damn thing he could do or wanted to do about it.

Crystal realizes she’s fallen for Johnny:
(…)because when she played –not that she played very often– she played it the same way they did. That’s how it started with Reed, after all. Fun and games.
Now…well, the door to Heartbreak Hotel yawned wide open again.
She watched him move about the room, gathering his things, all buff and beautiful and capable and thought, So help me God, if he lets me down, I’m going to slit my wrists –right after I cut off his dangly parts.

Tension between Johnny and Crystal on a high during chase scene in Jakarta:
“Step it up.”
Step it up? She’d been stepping it up, down, inside out, and sideways all the fricking day long. And she had had it with his drill sergeant edicts.
She put on the skids. Glared at him when he spun around to see what was holding her up.
“You know. I’m about this far from the end of my rope.” She pinched her thumb and forefinger together and shoved it under his nose. “So don’t be ordering me to step it up.” (…)
“Why don’t you shriek a little bit harder? I don’t think the nice policeman over by the exit with the automatic rifle heard the waspish American shrew throw her fit (…).”

Crystal about Johnny:
There was more, so much more to the man than hot looks and flirty smiles. Last night…well, last night she’d been falling apart. He’d put her back together with tenderness and compassion and a strength of character that she suspected surpassed that of any man she’d ever known

Johnny and Crystal blowing off some steam after they leave Jakarta:
She giggled: “You’re not taking me seriously.”
He reached for her hand, guided it to his lap. “It doesn’t get more serious than this, darlin’.”
She laughed again, because he made her want to laugh. He made her want to do so many things. But most of all, he just made her want.

*Johnny gets the jitters when things start to turn serious:
He needed to think. He needed to think really, really hard. And he needed to do it without the distraction of a certain green-eyed pixie who glanced up at him and smiled a smile that made him melt and want to swallow her whole and get out the old vampire cross at the same time to ward her away.

*Johnny and Crystal go on a date:
The cowboy cleaned up good.
Johnny Reed wearing faded jeans, bed-head hair and a scruffy beard was enough to give a woman heart palpitations. But Johnny Reed in a suit and tie, blond hair perfectly styled, and clean-shaven was cause for a full-blown heart attack.

Those marked with an * are the quotes that made it into the official review.

3 thoughts on “Whisper No Lies Quotes

  1. This is one "read me now" seduction you're giving for this novel…you do know that don't you? Yeah you do, you tease to please LOL *wink* To The Edge is still sitting comfy and cozy on my shelf, patiently waiting until I feel the urge to pick it up. Well, with these quotes I really feel the urge to get a taste of Cindy Gerard but alas, as it is more a rule then an exception these days, I have other scheduled reads coming first.I absolutely love this post Pearl, I had a blast! Thank you.

  2. Hey Pearl.A Google alert popped up and alerted me to your blog about Whisper No Lies.Just wanted to say thanks for the great review. It was fun for me to read the quotes you picked out and revisit Johnny and Crystal.So – thanks for making my day. Love it that you loved the book!HugsCindy

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