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A little background may be useful for new comers who aren’t familiar with my reading and reviewing habits. While reading I am always taking notes for the reviews I write for my blog and for ROOB. Many times while reading I come up with the greatest paragraphs for my reviews and then when it was time to sit down and write the actual review, my mind would go completely blank and I wouldn’t remember them…So I decided to write everyting down that pops up in my head while reading. The same goes for quotes. I would read something worth quoting and by reviewing time I wouldn’t remember where I had read it exactly. Since I started reviewing books in February 2007 I have filled 4 notebooks with reviewing notes.

With quotes, I used to write down page numbers and some keywords in the notebook and when writing the review I would look up the quotes in the book again and decide whether to use them or not. But ever since I discovered the colored sticky markers I have changed my ways and it’s a lot easier now: I find something that moves me, makes me laugh, sends me into awe-mood or is just typical for a character in the book and WHAM! a sticky note is slammed on the page.

Normally I find about 3-5 possible quotes in a book and the choice which to use is pretty simple. But since last week I have started with what I am now calling “my Quote-posts” when I had more Whisper No Lies Quotes than I could include in my official review and the choice was terribly difficult as to which ones to cut and which ones to keep. I thought that with 12 quotes I had set a pretty decent record. Well, I thought wrong! Because while reading Atlantis Unleashed I noticed that more and more markers were appearing and the result was the 18(!!!) markers below.

When writing the actual review some of those 18 didn’t make the cut but still a new record has been established with the following 14 quotes that made this post. Read them at own risk if you haven’t read the book yet because although I try to keep my reviews as spoiler-free as possible, with quotes I cannot always guarantee that. After all, what isn’t a spoiler for one person could very well be one for the next.


Justice when he’s with Anubisa:
The burning red of her eyes deepened until they glowed, and then she freaking sniffed him, inhaling his scent like a beast, and his skin tried to crawl off his body.

Keely about Ven:
The one Liam had called Lord Vengeance laughed, and his laughter changed him from forbidding warrior to pure, potent male.

*Justice and Keely when they first see each other:
“You are her. You are Keely.”
“Yes,” she replied, voice barely a whisper. “I am Keely.”
He smiled a slow, dangerous smile, and the whiteness of his teeth was almost shocking in the darkness of his face.
“We are Justice,” he said. “And you are ours.”

*Justice when he thinks he will be trapped in the Void forever:
And then in an act of courage beyond any he’d known in all of his centuries, he raised his head to take one last look at Keely. He drank in the sight of her (…) “Remember me, my lady, that is all I ask of you for this or any lifetime. Remember me, although you never knew me, for I feel that I have known you for all eternity and hungered for you for even longer, still.”

When she spoke, the liquid cadence of her voice caught at something deep in his soul. In both his souls.

Keely and Justice in the cavern:
“Rest? Rest?” She heard her voice rise into a near shout, but couldn’t seem to help it. “Are you kidding me? You’ve just (…spoilers…), you kidnapped me, your talking about yourself in the plural again, and about claiming and baser impulses, and you want me to take a nap?”
(…) “If I ever get out of this, I’m buying a switchblade,” she snapped. “Or maybe a Taser. Or a gun. There is no napping. There is no resting. There is only you, getting me out of here.”
(…) the primal male warriors she’d sometimes seen in her visions, when she’d touched certain artifacts from ancient civilizations, simply didn’t exist in modern times. They certainly didn’t show up in the academic offices at Ohio State. But she wasn’t in Ohio anymore. The hard, muscled male proof of it was climbing out of the water, stark naked and dripping wet, not a dozen feet away from her. Keely had never thought of water as an aphrodisiac before, but the drops that clung lovingly to Justice’s body might qualify. They caressed him in all the places she suddenly found herself wanting to touch. With her tongue.
No way she would respond to him. Nothing in her background of fiercely independent personality would make her the type to be turned on by some naked, alpha-male throwback to the days when men were men and women were possessions.
(…) “Cut it out,” she snapped. “Stop staring at me like I’m the spoils of your own personal war, and get dressed (…)”

Keely trying to rationalize her attraction to Justice:
Nobody knew better than she did that sanity was a spectrum of relativity. Anyway, it had been so long since she’d been naked with a man that maybe she needed to lower her standards. Crazy? No problem, so long as he had great hair.
He wasn’t Prince Charming; he was Prince Tall, Dark, and Deadly. Justice was no perfect plastic prince, but a very real man with a very damaged psyche.

Keely tries to convince Justice to let her join him in a dangerous situation:
“If there’s any chance that it can help you –both of you– I’ll take that risk,” she said softly. “I don’t really understand it, but you’ve become pretty important to me in a very short period of time. There aren’t many people who are important to me, Justice. Please don’t ask me to be a coward when a little bit of my courage might mean an awful lot to you.”

Alaric about Quinn:
It was the force of her personality, a fervor and charisma that shone out at him with all the strength and glory and brightness of her soul. Her soul called to his so powerfully that she was a beacon in the darkness of his existence.

Keely finds it hard to resist Justice:
Keely gave herself a mental slap and nodded briskly. “Right. Shade. Ahead. Great.”
(…)”Is there any reason you seem to have lost the use of verbs? The low, husky tone of his voice sizzled across her nerve endings, and suddenly the jungle was a whole lot hotter than before. “I have a strict ‘no verbs in jungles’ policy, of course. If we stay here much longer, adjectives will go by the wayside next,” she said, flashing an innocent smile. The kind of smile that said “nobody here wants to rip your shirt off and lick your bare chest. ” She hoped.

Justice and his Nereid soul:
Keely’s smile, though tremulous, held a wealth of trust that humbled him. “Tell him…no. Let me tell him–tell you both. I want you. All of you. You don’t need to be rough or overpower me. Just make love to me. Please.
The Nereid’s angry, driving need faltered, turning into confusion. How can she want me? Even you, who are the other half of my soul, do not want me.

Better to be surprised than to have to live with the anguish of shattered expectations.

*Alejandro’s bartering skills:
Alejandro stood up, leveling his shotgun at the vamp’s head. “I propose a barter,” he said calmly.
The vamp barked out a chilling burst of laughter. “What barter could you–“
The shotgun bucked and roared and exploded the vamp’s head into acid chunks of skull and meat. Justice shot a look at Alejandro, who shrugged as the vampire’s headless body fell to the ground, dissolving in a flood of slime. “My shotgun shell for his head. Seemed fair to me.”

(The ones with the * made the official review)

3 thoughts on “Atlantis Unleashed Quotes

  1. The first wicked thought that comes to mind is that I'm hoping for such another post on Atlantis Unmasked LOL Via these quotes the vibe of the story comes alive for me again. Keely & Justice in the cave, yessss I so remember that :D But also those comments that convey such emotions from them both, yep yep, totally there again. Keep these incredible post comming Pearl!

  2. Leontine > I foresee great possibilities with Unmasked now…and will try to keep them coming, as long as there are books to give me so many quotes ;)DM > Sorry! I hope your copy arrives soon!!

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