Contest: Name the puppies & Win a book

On our short break to Belgium (2 day trip to Mechelen and Leuven) hubby couldn’t resist the machines at the fair in Mechelen. He announced quite arrogantly that he was going to win me something. I thought it was all talk to justify the lure of the machines but my surprise was great when within he few minutes he indeed won me something…and a few minutes later another something, so behold the new additions to the B-household. One is a boy and one is a girl (duh! blue and pink accented hooded jackets…LOL). Aren’t they cute?

Now for the contest part: I call them the twins for lack of creativity to name them and need some help in that department. So twitter me or leave me a comment with name suggestions for the twins. The prize is one of the books below. If you enter via Twitter don’t forget to add the hashtag #contestpearl to you tweet!

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

There are a few simple rules to this contest:

  • You can enter via Twitter (#contestpearl) or via a comment on this blogpost.
  • You can enter only multiple times since it will not be a random draw.
  • To enter you must provide names for both puppies. You cannot just enter with one name only.
  • Contest closes on Monday July 20th 00:00 CET. Winner will be announced at the latest on Wednesday July 22st.
Have fun and can’t wait to see some names!

13 thoughts on “Contest: Name the puppies & Win a book

  1. Owhhh I love this!!!! I got totally inspired and came up with the following names:* Snuggles & Bubba B* Diva & Dulce* Funky & Big Dipper* Freggles & Simpson* Pucky & Brewster* Gypsy & Baron* Hubble & Lulu

  2. Ash…sweetie, you're getting carried away, ONE name for EACH doggie. I'd vote for Diva and Dulce, sounds very cool!!!!! Now I have to come up with two myself :D

  3. Yea I know but I decided instead of entering 7 seperate comments and spamming the blogpost to enter 7 sets of names in one blogpost.I loved the diva and dulce too but really liked them all to be honest. Hmmm I think I'm gonna get meself a new pair of cats just to name them *cry laughter*

  4. Panting as I ran over here in hope to be on time for name contest. looking around, I think I am :DTristan & Isolda…and that one is with help *rolls eyes at self* Named about 30 puppies in my day and can come up with zilch now *sigh*

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