Tuesday Treasures – August, 4

Lora Leigh – Bengal’s Heart
Brenda Joyce – Dark Lover
Lara Adrian – Ashes of Midnight (HC)
Jaci Burton – Taken by Sin
Nalini Singh – Branded by Fire
Livia Dare – In the Flesh
Deidre Knight – Red Kiss

Barry Eisler – Rain Fall
Kate Brady – One Scream Away
Shannon McKenna – Tasting Fear (TPB)
Shayla Black (writing as Shelley Bradley) – Strip Search (HC)
JoAnn Ross – Breakpoint
Karen Rose – Kill For Me
Suzanne Brockmann – Dark of Night

Delilah Marvelle – Lord of Pleasure
Sherry Thomas – Not Quite a Husband
Sabrina Jeffries – Wed Him Before You Bed Him
Sabrina Jeffries – Don’t Bargain with the Devil

Lisa Kleypas – Blue-eyed Devil
Susan Mallery – Straight from the Hip
Susan Mallery – Lip Service


Cheyenne McCray – The Second Betrayal (Lexi Steele, book 2)
Lisa Marie Rice – Dangerous Passion (Dangerous, book 3)

Lora Leigh – Bengal’s Heart (Breeds, book 19)
Jessica Andersen – Skykeepers (Final Prophecy, book 3)
Christina Dodd – Storm of Visions (Chosen Ones, book 1)

Victoria Dahl – One Week as Lovers (Connected Historicals, book 3)
Delilah Marvelle – Lord of Pleasure (School of Gallantry, book 2)


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Treasures – August, 4

  1. OMG Pearl, what a swag you got *whiping drool of chin* And a good reminder for me not to forget to order Jessica Andersen and Lora Leigh. I've got an MBag order at Sandi as well but we're waiting on Bad Moon Rising to arrive from Rhapsody so it can all be shipped. Anyway, is your immediate TRP changing already LOL There are some pretty good/great/fantastic reads in that pile. I am curious what you will think about Tasting Fear.

  2. Hi Leontine, That's what an Mbag from Sandi does to the weekly count :DOnly books that are going straight to immediate TBR pile are the Barry Eisler, the Brenda Joyce and the Kate Brady. Would love to read Bengal's Heart next because Cabal is one of my fav alpha males who gave me shivers in previous Breed books, but haven't read the previous Lora Leigh Breed yet :( So I have to read Coyote's Mate first. Tasting Fear will have to wait a bit too, have other McKenna book/novella stories I want to read first.All other received books are from series I have yet to start or have only read first book. So they are shelved for later….much later LOL

  3. Oh forgot and hit publish comment to soon but some of the books went straight to the shelves since I have already read them as ARC (Sherry Thomas and Livia Dare), ebook (Lara Adrian) or old release (Shayla Black's rerelease of STRIP SEARCH).

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