Seduce the Darkness Quotes

After the Quote-posts of Whisper No Lies and Atlantis Unleashed it’s time for another Quote-post!!

This time the honor goes to Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter. I’m a sucker for Gena’s books and these quotes show why. I love her writing style and her characterization. Her books make me laugh, swallow lumps away and chew my nails, all in the space of 300-400 pages!

At the moment Gena Showalter’s SEDUCE THE DARKNESS holds the Quote-record, with 17 quotes. It’ll be tough for other books to top this! But hey I thought that with the other Quote-posts too so who knows…

Hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I did! But be warned…the quotes may contain spoilers so read at own risk!

A youthful Devyn lusting over a maid, which got him in a lot of trouble:
When her lush, pink lips had curled in greeting, his heart had nearly beaten its way out of his chest. He’d wanted to rush to her, put his hands all over her body, lick her and kiss her and thrust into her the way a prince was only supposed to thrust into his wife.

Bride’s thoughts when she first encounters Devyn
Clearly, he was an otherworlder, though which race, she didn’t know. Whichever one, she had to wonder if they were all like him: perfection wrapped in dazzling and sprinkled with every woman’s fantasy.

Devyn and Bride:
“I smell like a woman, hmm?
“Well, you smell like sex.” He leaned down as if he intended to share a secret with her, moonlight caressing him as though it couldn’t help itself. Maybe it couldn’t. “The dirtiest kind of sex, at that. Which happens to be my favorite.

Dallas and Devyn’s loving banter:
“You’re scary, you know that?” Dallas said with quiet affection.
“I know. It’s hardly far to others that I am a triple threat. Pretty and talented.”
“That’s only two, moron.”
“I’d thought it would be rude to mention my c#ck.”

Mia, Devyn and Dallas:
“So, you’ve actually met one? Other than this Bride person?” Mia asked him (…). “A f#cking bloodsucker?”
He shrugged, downed the last bit of the Scotch. “If by met you mean bedded, then yes.”
Dallas rolled his eyes. “Is there a race you haven’t bedded?”

Devyn when he and Bride are negotiating kisses in exchange for questions answered:
“Don’t worry. I’ll be keeping score inside my head, and I’m very good at math. Example: Devyn plus Bride minus clothes plus a hard, flat surface multiplied by roaming hands equals greatest pleasure ever. When shall we begin?”

How Devyn and Bride discuss things:
“Do you want to see (name of a person I won’t mention due to spoiling) or not?”
She bit her tongue, probably drawing blood. To keep from biting him? “You know I do. And if you’ve hurt her, I swear to God I’ll cut off your balls and feed them to you.”

Another bout of Dallas and Devyn banter (Devyn has just “disabled” a landlord who was bugging Bride):
Dallas had his arms crossed over his chest.
“What?” Devyn said, all innocence. “He annoyed me.”
“So nearly killing him was necessary?”
A roll of his friends baby blues. “Are you sure you’re not in loooove with Bride? ‘Cause, dude, you’re like a knight in crotchless armor right now.”

Devyn’s seductive moves:
He shrugged. “You don’t have to worry about giving in to my wicked advances. Not yet. Right now, you’re going to strip and shower, and then we’re going to talk.”
She raised her chin. “Like hell.”
You will. I’ll force you if necessary. And Bride,” he said, his voice dipping huskily. “I hope it’s necessary.”

Push-and-pull mating dance by Devyn and Bride (Bride is under the shower and Devyn wants in):
“Invite me in.”
“Invite me in, Bride.”
“I told you. I will when you beg.”
“I don’t have to beg for a woman.”
She grinned sweetly. “Then you’ll never have this one.”

The moment my heart broke for Devyn:
Her uncertainty reminded him of the boy he’d once been. The boy who had put on his best clothes and snuck into his mother’s wing of the palace to give her a birthday present. The boy who had knocked on his mother’s door, hoping, praying for a smile, even a hug, when he gave her the picture he’d drawn for her. The boy who’d had to throw the gift away, because his mother had looked at it, thanked him, and placed it back in his hands before shutting the door in his face.

Devyn to Bride:
“You confuse, fascinate, irritate, and delight me.” he said, “and I swear to God the only thing I was thinking about while tasting and touching you was you.”

Devyn watches Bride take a real shower (with water, not the futuristic enzyme showers):
Never had Devyn see a more beautiful sight. She was an angel, a siren, a goddess, all wrapped in Temptation’s skin. Her joy was palpable, and he had given this to her, he thought, his pride intensifying.

Devyn’s thoughts:
He needed to feel her, to know she was here and that she wasn’t leaving him. Yet. He needed her goodness to mute his darkness.

Bride and Devyn:
“Nothing you do to me is shameful, swear to God. Well, besides letting me suffer from withdrawals. You gave me a taste of you, then took it away.”
He gave a hoarse chuckle. “Well, the first taste is always free. You have to pay for the rest.”
“Name your price.”
“You. Just you.”

Devyn’s feelings for Bride:
You’re…you. You make me hot, you make me laugh, and you make me angry. You look at me with those emerald eyes, and all I want to see is happiness inside them. You confuse me, you arouse me, you make me want to be better.

The moment it clicks in place for Devyn:
Variety was no longer what drove him. Bride was. (…) She had shown him what his life was missing. Then, with her smile and her touch, she’d patched him up and made him whole.

4 thoughts on “Seduce the Darkness Quotes

  1. I really ask myself right now; why oh why do I read these posts? Why!? I only end op with either tongue-out-of-mouth drooling on desk. Really, not a pretty sight. And usually followed by my addiction going in to overdrive. Why do I chekc out these post?*sigh* its my curiousity and I loved each of these quotes and I will get the first book in this series on my wishlist…or do I already have that one? Will check shelves before writing it up on Sandi-wishlist. Thanks for this great post pearl!

  2. I was just tweeting on how Gena Showalter is like baked lays you can't eat/read just one! I luuurve the math quote the bestest!!! What a great list, makes me want to read it again.

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