Start Me Up Quotes

Crap! I forgot to take a picture of the book with the markers still in it! Ah well, you’ll have to do with a “naked” picture of the book then. *smile*

July, especially mid -> end of July was a period of great books for me! After Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter which is now Quotes recold holder, came Victoria Dahl’s Start Me Up and though the record still stands.

Start Me Up too, provided me with more quotes than I could include in the “official” review. But luckily, that’s what these Quote-posts are for.

Without further ado, find below and enjoy some of Victoria Dahl’s witty and endearing writing!

Best opening paragraph I’ve read in ages:
“Baby, that is one fine ass.”
Lori Love ignored the purring voice and gave the mounting bolt on the transmission of the old Ford one last turn, laying all her weight against the wrench.
“Oh, yeah. Work it, darlin’.”
When the bolt felt tight enough, Lori wiggled the body part in question and tossed a grin over her shoulder toward the blonde behind her.
Her best friend, Molly, leered, eyebrows raised in suggestive appreciation “Do fries go with that shake, girl?”

Lori debates her clothing choices:
Maybe she should have arrived in a tank top and cutoff shorts with a plan to find many reasons to bend over while working. Of course, that would be before the frostbite set in.

Quinn’s starts seeing Lori as more than just Molly’s best friend:
“Hey, Moll.” His eyes didn’t leave Lori’s. “What did you do to Lori?”
“Got her horny with my award-winning writing.”

Lori after Quinn volunteers to have sex with her:
The room was spinning and hot. A convection oven of mortification spiced with a hint of lust. Quinn Jennings had just propositioned her in the most inappropriate way.

Lori about Quinn:
Quinn was different…shiny and polished from the constant flow of letting his own dreams wash over him (…), she wanted a little of that glow to rub off on her bare skin, (…). Her glow was long gone, now she just wanted a taste of Quinn’s

Quinn about Lori:
He’d never thought about what Lori Love might taste like, so he didn’t know why he felt surprised. But he was shocked at the rightness of her, sweet and sexual on his tongue, the most feminine thing he’d ever taste.

Lori’s self-consciousness sneaks in after reading an article about Quinn:
Lori was no longer puzzled by Quinn’s easy suggestion that they not jump into sex. He’d been riding the wild silicon waves of women like Tessa Smith. Now he needed time to acclimate himself to Lori’s flat terrain. Regain his land legs.

Quinn finds a drunk Lori outside her house with Ben, in her underwear:
An opaque cloud of debris had settled over Quinn’s mind, pelting his thought with grit and tiny bits of shrapnel. It was hard to think clearly through the mess of confusion. All he could process was that Lori was in her underwear.

Quinn knows what Lori needs:
She was stiff in his arms, but while the old Quinn would’ve immediately set her back and let her go, he was a new Quinn. A man determined to give her what she needed, even if she had no idea what that was. A man shaped for her wicked pleasure.

*This is why I love Victoria Dahl’s writing:
Lori put her hands on the headboard.
The electric slide of his hand down the small of her back made her shiver. “Good girl.”
A jolt of lust swept through her belly, to her absolute mortification. You do not have daddy issues, she told her body in her best feminist voice. Her body responded by arching back in a blatant effort to please him. Hussy, the stern voice hissed, but hussy was no insult to her greedy body.

Lori after the deed:
She’d done it. She’d had dirty meaningless, mindless sex. And she’d done it really, really well.

Lori after Quinn has left on “the morning after:
“Ho-ly smokes.” She’d really done it. And doin’ it had been So. Damn. Good. She lifted the blanket to look down her body. Same body she saw in the mirror every single day, and yet now it was imprinted with dirty memories of Quinn, like invisible tattoos.

Then Lori goes in the bathroom:
Still smiling, she caught sight of herself in the mirror and let out a horrified scream. Sure, her curls were usually messy in the morning, but his was a new level of chaos. The last image Quinn had from their night together was a crazed, naked bushwoman waving goodbye. Yikes.

Typical Quinn and Lori conversation:
“Quinn Jennings, that was the best thing I’ve ever done.”
“Ever. It far surpasses that time I talked myself into riding the tallest roller coaster on the East Coast.”
“That was your best thing before?”
“I’m afraid of heights. So yeah. I was pretty proud.”
“And now you’re proud that we just screwed like crazy people?”
…Quinn smiled. “Yeah, I’m kind of proud of myself, too. I was a f#cking sex ninja.

*Quinn realizes something about Lori:
He stood there a moment longer, fantasizing once again of rescuing Lori Love. She’d turned out to be a damsel in distress after all, but not the innocent, helpless kind. No, she was a damsel of a different sort. The brave kind who fought and lied and did really dirty things to the knight in shining armor.

(The ones with the * made the official review)

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