Me & my iPhone – a true love story…

—From love at first sight to a HEA—

When I first saw the iPhone a few years ago (the iPhone 2G in 2007) it was love at first sight. Unfortunately my bank account did not share the love so I kept my crush a secret for 2 years. Yearning and craving, salivating when I spotted one “in the flesh” wanting a shiny, pretty iPhone of my own. When my brother in law got one, my fingers were itching to snatch it from his hands and pet it vigorously! Luckily for me and my dignity I contained myself…

Then a few months ago I discovered Twitter and read about people tweeting on their iPhones, reading ebooks on their iPhones, playing games on their iPhones, talking about neat apps for their iPhones and the crush and craving intensified…My love could not be kept a secret anymore. I started confessing in public about my crush and my need to have this wonderful gadget.

It came to full blow when in May or June of this year @jane_l from Dear Author and @angelajames (formerly Samhain and just recently snatched up by Quartet Press, an up & coming Digital Publisher), tweeted about the next generation iPhone, the 3GS, IIRC it was at a conference but can’t remember which one. I saw tweets about the specifications, all sorts of apps including ones to do with ebook reading and all I could think of was: I. MUST. HAVE. AN. IPHONE….NOW!

From that moment on, the feeling just grew and grew and even hubby noticed that he was having competition in the form of an electronic appliance in the battle for my affections. He would taunt and tease me, knowing I have no patience when it comes to getting what I want but in the case of the iPhone I had no choice. I still had a subscription with the mobile phone provider until March 2010. Then I decided to take a chance and call the mobile phone provider to get some information on how soon I would be able to switch to an iPhone subscription, including the object of my affection: an iPhone!
And behold, the call center guy told me I could have an iPhone anytime I wanted, regardless of when my current contract would end. Only stipulation was that I couldn’t make use of the extensive subscription (including internet access) that goes with the iPhone until the current contract ends. No objections from me on this because I didn’t care about that and could wait for Internet on the phone those months since we have WiFi at home and I could try things out with the iPhone on internet anyway.

By the time I called the mobile phone provider it was end of July, so hubby said he would buy the iPhone for me as a birthday gift, off course no objections from me! Needless to say that we where in the store the next day, finally taking the steps to have my precious iPhone in my arms soon! In the store they pointed out that there was a waiting time because the iPhones are very much in demand. They told me I had to wait 8 weeks…8 bloody weeks!!! I got over myself and thought: better 8 weeks than 8 months and we ordered it so it would be a belated birthday gift from hubby, seen as my birthday would be in about 4 weeks.

Behold my utter surprise when not even 2 weeks later I was sick at home and I received a text message from the store, saying that MY iPhone had arrived and was ready to be picked up!! I was ecstatic and I think I even jumped up and down for a while…My precious had arrived! In time for my birthday! Which wouldn’t be in another 3 weeks…oh no! Knowing hubby, he was going to make me wait those 3 weeks and taunt me everyday with the knowledge that the iPhone was within my reach but still unattainable.

But again I was surprised because the day we picked the phone up the day before our 6th wedding anniversary and he decided to give it to me early, as an anniversary present. (That’s why I love my hubby so much, he knows exactly what I need and is always spot on in making some awesome decisions!)

A few weeks have passed since that wonderful day that my secret crush turned into a real and public love affair.
Have taken pictures with it,
read several ebooks on it, very soon I will be reading the first e-ARC on it!
Synchronized my address book and calendar with it,
texted with it and yes I have even had phone conversations on it,
use it as an alarm clock and have a To Do app that I use for reminders,
and finally I have also tweeted on it but am still testing and searching for the perfect Twitter app.

To sum this post up: Pearl loves iPhone, iPhone loves Pearl and they lived, read and tweeted happily ever after

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