ARC-review: Sweet Seduction – Maya Banks

He was the stuff erotic dreams are made of…
Salon owner Julie Stanford wanted Nathan Tucker ever since she gave him his first massage. Getting paid to feel every inch of his body, stripped, oiled, and spread out in front of her? Stuff dreams are made of. But the sexy lug was oblivious to the signals she was sending—until she finished off his final rub-down with something extra. In fact, the best extra he ever had. Unfortunately, he came around too late. Now Julie’s moving on…

She was everything he’d dreamed of…
The woman was driving him crazy. She lit fire to his insides then ran like a scalded cat. And now she’s going to someone else to have all her fantasies fulfilled? Over his dead body… He’s more than willing to give her what she wants, and as soon as he pins the little minx down, he’d show her his own brand of sweet seduction.

Sweet Seduction mainly tells the story of Julie Stanford and Nathan Tucker. A story which starts when in the first book of this series, SWEET SURRENDER, when Nathan decides he wants an earring to go with his new bald head and Faith (heroine of book 1) takes him to the beauty and massage parlor owned by Julie to have the job done. After the earring he decides to frequent Julie’s salon for her massages. He doesn’t know that while he love struck but too shy to act on it, despite her not so subtle hints. Julie is also attracted to him but annoyed with the way he doesn’t pay attention to her, thinking she’s not good enough for him. Julie being the outspoken, independent ball-busting woman that she is, decides to teach him a lesson and then go her merry way, a way that includes fulfilling her ménage fantasy. The only thing she didn’t count on was Nathan not leaving it at that and going after the woman he wants in a most surprising way.

To say I discovered Maya Banks on the social network called Twitter is not accurate because I bought her eBook Brazen ages ago (No I haven’t read it yet but will very soon) but it was Twitter that brought her to the center of my attention when the second book in the Sweet series (SWEET PERSUASION) ended up in my possession after a contest.

As I am obsessed with reading books in order I read SWEET SURRENDER and SWEET PERSUASION before I read this ARC. With the introduction of Julie and Nathan in book 1 and the tiny glimpses in book 2 I was primed and ready for their own story in SWEET SEDUCTION. As with the other two books, I flew through SWEET SEDUCTION. Maya Banks has a writing style that is very agreeable. Her books read like speeding trains and you want to keep reading, flipping the pages as fast as you can, just to know what happens next with the characters and their story. Still she manages to keep her writing realistic and her characters down to down-to-earth despite bordering on hot and emotional topics and delivering some extremely hot sex scenes.

I loved reading Julie and Nathan’s story. Julie was an amazingly strong heroine, even if she sometimes came on a bit too strong in my eyes and was too stubborn for her own good. With Julie being such a strong character, something had to give and in this case it was Nathan’s character. Nathan was just too sweet for my taste and a bit overshadowed by Julie’s in-your-face personality, which I really liked, don’t get me wrong but I thought the balance between them was a bit off for a big part of the book. Of course it was remedied at the end of the book where Nathan decides enough is enough. Again it was an ending that twisted my emotions into a pretzel and one which definitely contributed to my liking this book a lot, despite Nathan not being one of my favorite heroes of this series. Even though I would have loved to see Nathan more edgy and less sweet, I understood that Julie was the driving force of this book and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

In Maya Banks I have found another new author to provide me with crazy hot and sexy contemporary reads that definitely aren’t a dime a dozen. I love her voice, one that is in-your-face, real, raw and humorous and SWEET SEDUCTION, in fact the whole Sweet series, is a must-read for everyone who loves to read sexy contemporaries filled with drool-worthy men, strong heroines and scorching hotness.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


5 thoughts on “ARC-review: Sweet Seduction – Maya Banks

  1. Oh twitter, I can't tell you how much MORE I've spent since I started tweeted and blogging, hence a seperate bank account for my book addiction. I must check this Maya Banks out, great review!

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