Pimping the Faves: Untraceable – Laura Griffin

Time to pimp another “Fave” of mine. I discovered Laura Griffin through ROOB as I had the pleasure and honor to review the two books of her previous series, The Glass Sisters: THREAD OF FEAR and WHISPER OF WARNING . I immediately fell in love with Griffin’s writing which is not overly romantic or sensual but the suspense is exquisite and more than makes up for the lack of smut!

I am so happy that she has a new series coming out and the first book is around the corner. This new series, the Tracers series, starts of with UNTRACEABLE and that book features a hero who was a secondary character in both THREAD OF FEAR and WHISPER OF WARNING and a heroine who first appeard in WHISPER OF WARNING as a secondary character. They both made an impression on me and I was thrilled to find out they were going to be the first main couple of the new series.

My copy of UNTRACEABLE, which comes out next week, was pre-ordered months ago and I hope it’s fall on my doormat soon. No need to tell you that I am diving into it the moment it does!

Be careful what you look for…you might find it.

Private investigator Alexandra Lovell uses computer skills and cunning to help clients drop off the radar and begin new lives in safety. Melanie Bess, desperate to escape her abusive husband, was one of those clients. But when Melanie vanishes for real, Alex fears the worst and sets out to discover what happened. Using every resource she can get her hands on—including an elite team of forensic scientists known as the Tracers, and a jaded, sexy detective who’s helped her before–Alex embarks on a mission to uncover the truth, one clue at a time.

Homicide cop Nathan Devereaux wants to believe that Alex’s hunch about Melanie’s murder is wrong, but his instincts—and their visceral attraction—won’t let him walk away. As a grim picture of what really happened begins to emerge, he realizes this investigation runs deeper than they ever imagined. And each step nearer the truth puts Alex in danger of being the next to disappear. . . .

Release date: November 24, 2009
Laura Griffin’s Website

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