In My Mailbox (#2)

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Author: Nina Bruhns
Title: If Looks Could Chill
Series: Passion for Danger, book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release date: December 2009
Bought (via Van Stockum)

A kick-ass Yankee cop and her special-ops Cajun guide search the Louisiana swamp for a deadly virus, but succumb to a fever of a very different sort.

Mysterious deaths stalk the bayou. No-nonsense Louisiana State trooper Tara Reeves reluctantly enlists the aid of Marc Lafayette, a too-sexy-for-his-own-good Cajun heartbreaker, to guide her on her search for evidence so she can bring down those responsible. But the source of the deaths is more dangerous than Tara could ever imagine. A foreign terrorist cell, plotting an attack on U.S. soil, is testing a deadly biological weapon in the remote wilderness of the swamp.

But the terrorists aren’t the only ones with secrets…

What Tara doesn’t know is that her sexy guide is part of a covert special ops team sent to destroy the terrorist threat, and Marc is not happy about having to babysit a nosy cop—even one as temptingly beautiful as Tara. But as they search the Louisiana swamp for a deadly virus, they succumb to a fever of a very different sort. Both of them know that love and work don’t mix, a harrowing showdown with the enemy will make their steamy passion boil over…and change their lives forever.

Author: HelenKay Dimon
Title: Holding Out For a Hero
Series: Hawaii Heroes, book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: October 2009
International swap with Fatin (Mad from RR@H Novel Thoughts & Booktalk)


Deana Armstrong needs a hero—not for herself, but for the nephew all her money and time can’t seem to get out of jail. Unfortunately, the best hero in all the Hawaiian Islands is set on turning in his badge and getting his excellent butt into another line of work. If that wasn’t enough, Josh Windsor also has a big-time grudge against Deana herself. But if there’s anything being rich, smart, and stubborn has taught Deana, it’s never to settle for second best…

Josh has had it with saving people. He’s had it with getting hauled into court. And boy, has he ever had it with Deana. Or well, he hasn’t had it. Yet. But the more she pops up sounding infuriating and looking good enough to eat, the more her hot bod and her cold case wriggle into his mind. And there’s only so much even a hero can resist…


12 thoughts on “In My Mailbox (#2)

  1. You've got yourself some great suspense reads delivered going by the blurbs. And I agree with BCC, that is one lickable bod on the cover of IF LOOKS COULD CHILL ;)

  2. Yum, your mailbox got to see some good looking books! I had my eyes on the first book as well – not only because of the great cover of course ;) But I want to read the first book of the series before I buy this one. Enjoy your books :)

  3. OH damn, that was an awesome mailbox day!!! I would not mind at all finding those two boys in my mailbox, lol!!!! Especially the first one… Yummy!!! Thanks for posting this because I just added If Looks Could Chill to my TBB list!!! I already had Holding Out For A Hero there…. Hope you are having a great day!

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