Remembering Ashby by Heather Long

Peace among the clans has been nonexistent for the past centuries.- But now that clan Lairds have decided to summon the God-touched people from their magical Isle to perform the rituals of Beltane to bless the peace talks between the clans, peace is within reach. Melanie is honored to be chosen as one of six maidens to represent the Goddess at this important event.

She is meant to be a vessel for the power of the Goddess while forgetting the failures of humanity during the festival. She knows should be concentrating on her part as a Maiden of the Hunt, yet she cannot banish the handsome Scot from her mind. Running in the Hunt is as sacred as the Goddess herself, and should her desires be known, there could be dire consequences for her and the clansman. However, she can’t find the will to deny his pull.

The mists of the Black Mountains enhance the excitement of their forbidden love while providing an escape from the Islanders encampment.- Can they give in to their desires at the expense of their destinies? Especially once The Sorcerer discovers their dalliance.

Title: Remembering Ashby
Author: Heather Long
Series: Don’t know if it’s really a series but there is a sequel to REMEMBERING ASHBY, called FORGET TO REMEMBER
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing
Year of release: 2009 (April)
Format: eBook
Source: Received for review by author
First line: “Ye’re late boy.” Thomas clapped a hand on Adam’s shoulder gruffly and grinned.

Hero: Adam
Heroine: Melanie Windwalker
Writing: Heather Long has an agreeable writing style that is able to take you away into a world that seems real and lifelike. The descriptions were just enough to get you acquainted with the scenery and the characters and never interfered with the pace or focus of the rest of the plot.
Likes/Dislikes: In the begining I had to get into the story because of the use of the Highlander brogue but when I did, I enjoyed the budding feelings between the rugged Highlander and the delicate maiden of the Godess.
Verdict: The story of Melanie and Adam against the backdrop of Beltane Night and Ashby Crossing is a lovely mix of paranormal, fantasy and highlander romance. Their romance, combined with the plot kept me intrigued to read on so I could discover more. Remembering Ashby is a wonderful story that will definitely keep you entertained for a few enjoyable hours!
Rating: 7.5 out of 10


7 thoughts on “Remembering Ashby by Heather Long

  1. Wonderful idea these Quick and Dirty reviews, Pearl! Good thing is that they are quick to read as well, with all the review blogs we want to follow and hardly can keep up with ;)You've chosen a nice format too! Keep it up, hon! :)

  2. Oh, this is indeed a quick and dirty review and really like the concept! So glad you figured it out for yourself ;) I've got a new blog to add to my blogroll! Looking forward to opening night.

  3. @ Heather Long > You are most welcome! You know how long ago I read your book and I was just waiting for the right idea to come to me for my mini-reviews and since yours was the first book I read I wanted to do a mini-review on: voila! @ErotRomReader, @ Larissa, @Wendy, @SusiSunshine > Thanks guys, glad you like it, as an idea can be great in one's own head but it's always the question if it comes across on others…Very happy that this one did! @Leontine > Well this one is realllllly quick, there may be some a little longer ones but not much…After all, they are mini-reviews LOL and not as I sometimes see mini/short reviews that are longer than full reviews…And do stay tuned for Opening Night! There WILL be giveaways LOL

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