Reading Round-Up 2009: An overview in numbers

I had planned to do this overview at the end of 2009 and in the first week of 2010 at the latest. Unfortunately due to serious lack of time and illness I wasn’t able to meet that self-imposed deadline, so I decided to do the overview later and leave it to post during my vacation.

The first book of 2009 was ONE LAST BREATH by Laura Griffin and the last book of 2009 was ALL JACKED UP by Lorelei James.

Best reading month: September, with 13 read books (in 2008 it was July with 12)
Worst reading month: November with 5 read books (in 2008 it was February with 6)
Author with most read books: Lorelei James
New to me author discoveries: Evie Byrne, Victoria Dahl, Susan Donovan,Lorelei James, Joely Sue Burkhart, Maya Banks, Lauren Dane, Moira Rogers, Ava Gray, Vivian Arend, Shannon K. Butcher, Suzanne Brockmann, Andrea Kane, Stephanie Tyler, Dawn Halliday.

Top 10 favorite reads (in random order):
 1. Bound by Blood by Evie Byrne
 2. The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
 3. Skin Game by Ava Gray
 4. Branded as Trouble by Lorelei James
 5. Hard to Hold by  Stephanie Tyler
 6. The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter
 7. Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks
 8. Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter
 9. Whisper No Lies by Cindy Gerard
10. Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas

Heroes added to favorite list:
Jack Donohue (Rough Riders, Lorelei James)
Billy Chase (Tumble Creek, Victoria Dahl)
Damon Roche (Sweet, Maya Banks)
Cabal St. Laurents (Breeds, Lora Leigh)
Colt McKay (Rough Riders, Lorelei James)
Jake McGregor (Magic, Cheyenne McCray)
Stacey Quinn (Knock Me Off My Feet, Susan Donovan)
Johnny Duane Reed (Black Ops Inc., Cindy Gerard)
Gregor Faustin (Faustin Brothers, Evie Byrne)
Ben Lawson (Tumble Creek, Victoria Dahl)
Rehvenge (Black Dagger Brotherhood, J.R. Ward)
Nikolai (Midnight Breed, Lara Adrian)

Heroines added to favorite list:
Molly Jennings (Tumble Creek, Victoria Dahl)
Crystal Debrowski (Black Ops Inc, Cindy Gerard)
Gwen (Lords of the Underworld, Gena Showalter)

Books of 2009 in numbers
Please note that in the lists below any info in maroon is in relation to the numbers of 2008

Total books read: 103 (including 6 novellas). -This is about the same as in 2008 when I read 99 books-
Total books reviewed: 92 -No 2008 info for this-
ARCs: 17 (8 for ROOB, 9 for Blog) -Almost double of 2008 when I reviewed 9 ARCs-
Requested Reviews: 7 (5 for ROOB, 2 for Blog) -more than triple the requests in 2008-
Rated perfect reads (10 out of 10/5 stars): only 2 — Evie Byrne’s BOUND BY BLOOD and Suzanne Brockmann’s The UNSUNG HERO, this low number is pretty remarkable with all the amazing authors I discovered in 2009… -apparently 2008 had more perfect reads: 7-

Breakdown by format:
Ebooks: 35 -I read only 7 ebooks in 2008, so this is quite an explosive growth and I expect this development to continue in 2010-
Mass Market Paperbacks: 50 -No 2008 info for this-
Tradesize Paperbacks: 10 -No 2008 info for this-
Hardcovers: -No 2008 info for this-

Breakdown by genre:
Erotica/Erotic Romance: 26 (22)
Paranormal: 23 (25)
Contemporary: 18 (9)
Historical: 17 (23)
Romantic Suspense: 15 (16)
(Urban) Fantasy: 4 (4)

Breakdown by month:
January: 12 (6)
February: 6 (6)
March: 8 (10)
April: 10 (7)
May: 9 (9)
June: 7 (10)
July: 6 (12)
August: 7 (11)
September: 13 (8)
October: 8 (8)
November: 5 (6)
December: 12 (8)


4 thoughts on “Reading Round-Up 2009: An overview in numbers

  1. You know I heart your orderly lists Pearl :) And only 2 perfect reads?? I had 3 but the last two months of 2009 you've had quite the amazing reads, you've surprised me too with "just" two perfect reads :) And hello, look at all those heroes, those are quite a few being added to your already excisting list LOL May 2010 be even a better year hon!

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