ARC-review: Wolf Games – Vivian Arend

This ebook releases with Samhain Publishing on March 23rd

Back Cover:

After seven years of total denial, Maggie Raynor’s body—and her inner wolf—are in full revolt. Weak and shaky, she literally falls into the very large and capable arms of the Granite Lake Beta, Erik Costanov. The last thing she wants is a mate, particularly when just looking at another wolf scares her to death. And one as big and sexy as Erik? Really bad idea, no matter what her libido says.

Erik expected to meet Maggie in Whitehorse to escort her to the home of her sister, his pack’s Omega. Sheer chance puts him in the right place at the right time to catch her, but the realization that hits him with the force of a full body shot is no accident. She’s his mate. An even bigger shock? She wants no part of him—not until she resolves her issues.

She’ll have to work fast, because they’re both selected to represent the pack during the premier sporting event for wolves in the north. Not only will she have to work as a team with Erik, she’ll have to face down her fear of wolves. Especially her own.


Warning: Contains uber-sexy werewolves of Russian descent, reluctant mates and exotic travels through the Yukon wilderness. Includes sarcasm and hot nookie under the Midnight Sun.

After reading the first two books in the Granite Lake Wolves series, I couldn’t wait to dig into WOLF GAMES! And it proved to be just as great a read as the other two books were!

WOLF GAMES is the story of Maggie Raynor. Maggie is Missy’s sister (heroine book 2) and from the moment she was mentioned in the second book of the series I was hoping she’d get her own story too. Maggie is strong, bold and stubborn. She’s also straightforward and courageous. Despite her fears, she tries to face the things that terrify her head on. I loved that about her. She wants nothing to do with her wolf heritage, doesn’t want to be in the confinement of a pack and most definitely doesn’t want a mate, no matter how yummy he may be. Her reluctance towards her fellow wolves is caused by something in her past.

Maggie’s mate turns out to be Erik Costanov, the beta of the Granite Lake pack. Erik is gentle but firm, a bit bossy, protective and powerful. He has the patience of a saint patient and is a sweet giant of a man. He is also determined to claim Maggie as his mate and show her that life in the pack isn’t that bad.

This book takes place about 2 years after book 2, WOLF FLIGHT and I was intrigued to find out what exactly Maggie’s problem/secret was. The need to find out kept me reading and made me read faster. When I did find out my heart broke for Maggie and what she went through. I cannot explain what she went through but it really made me understand why she didn’t want to be around wolves and didn’t want to let her inner wolf out. Little by little Erik and his love showed her though that not all wolves are bad and she can trust him and his pack. And gradually Maggie comes to accept herself and Eric’s pack. The sizzling chemistry and love scenes between Erik and Maggie were an added bonus to a fun and very enjoyable read.

As secondary characters I was thrilled to see Keil, Robyn, Tad and Missy again but there are a few secondary characters I must honor with a special mention because they livened up the story which wouldn’t have been the same without them: Pam, Maggie’s human friend, and Jared, a wolf in the Granite Lake pack. I hope both of them will have their own story someday too, not necessarily together but wouldn’t mind it, if they would end up together…

Once again TJ (Keil’s brother) made an appearance, being his clumsy self. I really have a soft spot for him and I can’t wait to read his story and see if there’s a woman for him who’s able to curb his clumsiness. It would be a hoot if she turns out to be a klutz too. Now that would make one heck of a funny book! I have it from the source (Viv Arend) herself that she’s working on his book as we speak and that makes me a really happy woman!

Vivian Arend’s description of he Arctic Wolf Games, around which this book revolves alongside the romance between Maggie and Erik, made me want to be able to attend games like those with all those wolves gathered to show their wit and power. I felt it gave the book a nice touch and it made my enjoyment of the book even greater.

I have fallen in love with this paranormal werewolf shifter series by Vivian Arend. With her humorous writing style, the off-the-chart chemistry and love scenes and the endearing and wonderful characters this series has become auto-buy and I can’t wait for the next installment of the Granite Lake Wolves!

Lordy, how was she supposed to stay angry with him when every time she gave him hell, he did nothing but smile? It wasn’t just any kind of smile, it was a do-you-want-to-crawl-into-bed-with-me-now kind of smile. The expression had a lot of impact when you placed it on his six-foot-five frame and added in his gorgeous features and his dark sparkling eyes.

He pulled off his shirt and her mouth watered. Firm muscles tempted her. Distracted her from the emotional rollercoaster she’d just raced over. The urgent desire to run her tongue over his body chased away all other thoughts. How had they resisted completing their mating until now? It was another stone to cast at the feet of her tormentors. Then he was naked, every glorious mile of him spread out like a banquet before her.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Make sure you come back tomorrow to check out Vivian Arend’s guest post on what it’s like to write both Paranormal and Contemporary Romance. And…to celebrate the release of WOLF GAMES, Viv and I are giving away 2 books: 1 Paranormal and 1 Contemporary.


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  1. Hi Pearl!thanks for the review – I've heard a lot of good things about that series and can't wait to read the books…greetings, Ina

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