There’s a new e-Publisher in town…Carina Press!


Carina Press Giveaway!
Today I received word that next to the reviews, interviews and a guestpost to enjoy, there will also be an awesome giveaway during my Carina Week! 
Up for grabs are two coupon codes of $ 15 each so you can indulge in some of the wonderful Carina e-books! Is that awesome or what! 

Make sure you return next week to see how to win! 

When I read on Twitter and several blogs/websites last year that Harlequin was starting a new digital-first publishing venture, Carina Press, I immediately got excited and started following anyone involved in the project as to not miss a thing about it.  Then towards the end of the year, author names, titles and unofficial blurbs started showing up and my excitement only grew as there were several familiar favorite author names being mentioned and also enough enticing new author names.

Then in the beginning of 2010, covers and official blurbs were being announced, and more author names, new and enticing ones. More and more twitter announcements of acquisitions and contracts until about a month ago the official list with Carina Press Launch titles and authors was announced and I got as giddy as anyone can get over names and titles, covers and blurbs.

An idea started to take form and the Launch contest/giveaway was the little fuel I needed to turn the little idea into a blaze…called Carina Week at Pearl’s World of Romance. So without further ado I hereby announce my tribute and welcome week for Carina Press:

For the past 2 weeks I have been engrossed in the world of really good stuff Carina Press has to offer. Not only for my personal book-blog Pearl’s World of Romance but also for the Realms on our Bookshelves-Blog.

I’ve enjoyed a short and scorching erotic romance with a wonderful co-workers to lovers trope, a lovely historical romance set in Austria with an enthralling and endearing couple, an amazing   contemporary romance with family dynamics that will rip your heartstrings apart and put a smile on your face at the same time and a romantic suspense that will send chills down your spine and make you bite all your fingernails to the flesh.
At the moment I’m reading a paranormal thriller that is taking me to the edges of my comfort zone in a very good way!

So what’s in store during my Carina Week:

Monday June 7th: 
Guestpost: Carina Press Excecutive Editor, Angela James
Review: Carrie Lofty’s SONG OF SEDUCTION on the ROOB-blog
Tuesday June 8th:
Review: Shannon Stacey’s EXCLUSIVELY YOURS
Review: Ginny Glass’ COIN OPERATED on the ROOB-blog
Wednesday June 9th:
Interview: Ginny Glass
Thursday June 10th:
Review: Kelly Lynn Parra’s CRIMINAL INSTINCT
Guestpost: Carrie Lofty on the ROOB-blog
Friday June 11th:
Review: Joely Sue Burkhart’s THE BLOODGATE GUARDIAN
Interview: Joely Sue Burkhart
After this week I will leave on much anticipated holiday but this doesn’t mean the Carina-love will end on the 11th of June. There will be more reviews on the ROOB-blog (by fellow ROOB-gal Leontine) and more Carina Press books will be reviewed here too as I will have purchased my load of Carina books that are now still lingering on my wishlist, but which I will be able to get my paws on after June 7th! 
In conclusion, having had a taste of some of Carina Press’ releases I can confirm that their tagline is absolutely accurate. No great story goes untold at Carina Press and if I go by what I’ve read so far ‘great story’ is a big fat understatement! 
Hope to see you all next week so you can help me welcome Carina Press!

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