Hiatus and Winners of the Welcome Carina Week

OMG I think I’ve never gone this long without posting something on the Blog. I hereby promise to make it up to my loyal readers in the coming weeks! Have a bunch of reviews of wonderful books to come so I hope I can make it up to you with that.

I also want to apologize to the people waiting for the announcement of the #CarinaWeek Winners. I had it all planned and we all know the way even the best laid plans sometimes go. And this one was a textbook example of it. The Carina Week ended the day before I left on my vacation to L.A. and I had this wonderful plan of doing a lot of blogging during the vacation, after all I had wireless Internet in both hotels, I took my laptop and my iPhone…what could ever go wrong? Well, a lot…you can be sure of that…
First the complimentary wireless internet in the first hotel was crap! Then it turned out we had only one electricity socket converter (please don’t ask me how this is called officially) that fit the powersupplies of our laptopsand hubby had to work a lot on his laptop in our hotelroom. A laptop with a wonky battery just like mine. So whenever hubby was working in the hotelroom I couldn’t do anything one mine and whenever I could, it had to be on the wired internet at an very uncomfortable desk in the room. So there went my plan to blog a lot…right out the window. I’ll spare you the heated discussion I had with the hotel frontdesk staff about the wireless internet on my iPhone stuff…It was ugly, that’s all I’ll say about it.

But next to all this internet stuff there was also a (reversed) jet lag I hadn’t counted on. People told me the effects time difference when going TO the US wouldn’t be that bad. Well they hadn’t counted on Pearl’s ornery and stubborn body. I was most definitely effected those first days and would collapse at 7 or 8 PM to wake up in the middle of the night and feel like crap…This wasn’t conducive for blogging either…so hence the lack of blogging the winners of the Carina Week and some other blogging stuff I had planned during the vacation.

Then I returned and was determined to post the winners last weekend, as soon as I was home…but nooo..Mr. Jet Lag decided to show me that what I had experienced going TO the US was NOTHING compared what he could do to me returning FROM the US…I have never felt so tired in all my live and Mr.Jet Lag played a real number on me. I am just now, a week after we returned, getting back to feeling my normal self again and the first thing I’m doing is, announcing the winners of my Carina Week.

The Blog winner is :
The Twitter winner is: 
And the winner of an e-copy of THE BLOODGATE GUARDIAN by Joely Sue Burkhart is:
Winners, I have your email addresses so I will contact Carina Press and pass on your email adresses for the coupon codes, Stella and D. And I will email Joely Sue with your email adress for a copy of THE BLOODGATE GUARDIAN, Elain. 
I want to thank EVERYONE who participated, both on the blog and on Twitter. I had a great week and loved all the comments, support, RTs and hope Carina Press will continue to treat us to more of these wonderful reading experiences. 

5 thoughts on “Hiatus and Winners of the Welcome Carina Week

  1. Oh no worries Pearl, I so can sympathize with Mr. Jet Lag hijacking your plans. When I came back from Thailand this winter it took me about 1 week to finally not feel like a zombie during the day and like Energizer Bunny at the middle of the night. I've been told that approximatively your body needs as many days to recover the jet lag as many hours is the time difference between the two locations. And it fit my recovery.Thank you so much! :-D But I also wanted to thank you for making me discover Carina Press, I ahven't heard of them before your Carina Press Week, but since then I've read a few of their titles, and love them! They are wonderful, so thanks!! :-)Congratulations to the other winners! And I hope that you are back to your old self and left zombieland for good! :-)

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