Winner of Captive Spirit – Liz Fichera

After a busy weekend with a lovely visit with my mom on Saturday where I got to tan my legs lounging about in the garden and reading my book and a drive home that was hell, complete with thunderstorms, heavy wind and downpours, a Sunday that was marked by the disappointment of the Netherlands losing the Soccer World Championship final against Spain and a Monday where I was taken hostage by an AWESOME read (more about that in a week or two, as it was an ARC-read) I am finally sitting down behind the computer to announce the winner I picked on Saturday via for Liz Fichera’s Guestpost and giveaway of her Carina Press debut CAPTIVE SPIRIT.

The lucky winner is:

Nicole (from Books, According to Nicole)
As some of you may notice Nicole’s comment wasn’t the third comment of the post but I decided not to count Liz’s comments for the giveaway. So, there were 5 commenters, not counting Liz herself and picked number 3, which was Nicole.

I have your email address Nicole and will send it to Liz so she can contact you about your copy of CAPTIVE SPIRIT.

Thank you for everyone who participated and thank you, Liz for your wonderful post and your time!


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