QuicknDirty Review: COMING UNDONE by Stephanie Tyler

Surfer—make that ex-surfer—Carly Winters can’t believe she accidentally faxed an erotic letter to…a secure military line? Now navy SEAL Jonathon “Hunt” Huntington is at her door, fax in hand, asking her how the fantasy ends.

Because Carly’s parents think Hunt is her new boyfriend, and Carly does need a wedding date ASAP, Hunt’s ready to play—only on one condition. Carly’s got to teach him to hang ten. Problem is it’s been a while since Carly’s career-ending accident and she’s terrified of anything aqua. But with Hunt, letting go just may make her fantasy a reality!

Title: Coming Undone
Author: Stephanie Tyler
Series: SEAL trilogy, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin (Blaze)
Year of release: 2007, April 1
Format: eBook (Category), 256 pages
Source: Bought at eHarlequin
First line: “I started with, I think it’s sexy when we cuddle.”
Memorable scenes:
– All the beach scenes > wonderful and emotional
– The scene in the bar with Samantha and Ty > If you read nothing else of this book, please do read chapter 11! *Sigh*

Quick & Dirty-review:

Hero: Jonathan “Hunt” Huntington (28), Navy SEAL Lieutenant

Heroine: Carly Winters, recovering from a severe surfing accident which ended her professional surfing career and has made her fearful of surfing again and has impeded her from picking up surfing again, from a socialite family

Plot: To be honest, I read this book a long time ago and didn’t take any notes about the plot so I can’t dish up an eloquent plot summary here. The only thing I remember is Hunt finding Carly because she sent a naughty fax to a wrong number and and misunderstanding leads him into accompanying her to her sister’s wedding, they fall in love and he helps her overcome her fear of the sea after her horrible surfing accident. There was also a lovely tentative secondary romance plot with Samantha (Carly’s friend) and Ty (Hunt’s brother) that was pretty intense and impressive.

Writing: The writing is hot and engaging, once I started I couldn’t stop.

– Depth of the characters, for a short book they were very well-rounded
– multi-layered story with the multiple (4) POVs

– Too short
– Missed some more suspense
– Carly’s family. As characters as such not the way they were written

Verdict: I was really pleasantly surprised by this book and honestly I shouldn’t be because it was written by Stephanie Tyler, who never fails to deliver for me! Even in the short span of a Harlequin Blaze she manages to bring a lovely emotional, action-packed story with amazing characters, multiple POVs and a wonderful secondary romance that makes me ache for that story to be completely told, preferably in a single title, full length book.

Favorite Quotes:
Oh Lord, he was on the phone with her sister. And doing a fine job of soothing the savage beast with the combo Jedi-SEAL mind-control thing.

“So, Samantha, what do you do?” Ty leaned an elbow on the crowded bar, cordoning off an area for her where she wouldn’t be bumped. He’d moved her away from the guy she’d been speaking to earlier, gently but firmly, as if he already owned her. His focus was all raw energy and on her alone.
“For a living?” she asked.
“We could start there.”
“I’m a teacher.” She took a long swig from her beer bottle, and her heart beat a tiny bit faster. She might have imagined it, but she could have sworn he’d moved closer to her.
“Hot for teacher,” he said, caressing her forearm.
“Like I’ve never heard that one before.”
“Never from anyone like me. Want to take a ride on my bike?”
“I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before.”
Ty winked. “That’s good. I like virgins.”
“Are you always this forward?”
“Yes. Always. I go after what I want.”


3 thoughts on “QuicknDirty Review: COMING UNDONE by Stephanie Tyler

  1. I'm glad that Stephanie Tyler hit your buttons again but what really drew me in was the cover…and not for the nice back view of the guy! It so gives me a sense of deja-vu, I used to read these kind of novels when I was a teen and tween. I gathered about a thousand of them by the time I was 25 LOL This cover so brings me the memory of that ultimate romance feel I used to have when the man and woman finally shared a kiss. Just had to tell you this *grin*

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