Guestpost + Giveaway by Stephanie Tyler (LIE WITH ME)

Today I’d like to welcome the AWESOME Stephanie Tyler on my blog, my romantic little corner of the web. I am really honored that she made time to write a truly wonderful post about her view on multiple POVs. And with this post we discovered that we “get” each other and that, to me was the best discovery -related to my reading- of 2010!

So, please welcome Steph and make sure to check out the giveaway information at the end of the post to see how you can win a (signed) copy of LIE WITH ME! And a chance at the grand prize at the end of November.

When Pearl graciously invited me to guest blog, she gave me a few questions she had and one of them centered around my view on the power of multiple povs in romantic suspense. I mean, obviously, I love multiple points of view – in all books – both when reading and writing. But exploring the reasons why was really interesting and it was hard for me to try to articulate it.

And then, when I read Pearl’s fabulous review of LIE WITH ME, she gave me an aha moment of my own when she said:

“I had several aha-moments where seemingly unconnected things clicked together, linking the plots and offering deeper knowledge and understanding for events earlier or later in the book. Awesome how Stephanie Tyler does this with all her military romances. And I’m a big fan of the “come full circle” feel her suspense plots have.”

Larissa always used to laugh at me when we’d talk about themes in the Sydney books – because my thing was always, and then it comes full circle and I love full circle!

See, when I’m writing, I picture a big circle – and then all the other circles are inside the big circle, getting smaller and smaller, like pulling a drawstring until that final moment when it’s all pulled tightly together.

And I honestly find that multiple povs are the perfect way to achieve this in an RS. First of all, I’m nosy – I like to be inside of everyone’s head, hear their thoughts. But beyond that, each character’s thoughts / pov has to advance the story along. They have to contribute something that no one else could. It’s an ensemble cast supporting the main hero and heroine – it’s showing you a larger glimpse into their world. And I want to know about the whole world and how it affects the main characters – no one lives in a bubble. I also like the complications different povs bring – I like juggling them when I’m reading and writing.

See, my favorite way to get into a new TV series or continue an old one is to wait for the DVD of the season to come out – it’s so freakin’ satisfying to watch all the episodes in a row, so to speak, and watch how the writers tie in all the threads from all the episodes.

When I’m putting together my books, I like to think of them as if they’re a season’s worth of shows packaged into one book – you’ve got all the ups and downs and I think sometimes, that it’s okay to have questions, to not understand….but you’ve got to trust that the author will get you there. And I think that’s hard in today’s world of instant gratification. I’m just as guilty of it – I love spoilers and before I see a movie, I need to know the ending. But I also love looking for the clues along the way – because a good writer won’t put anything in a book or movie that won’t be important at some point.

So, to that end, to me, the points of view of the characters who speak in my books are your clues. How they feel, what they do…what one character tells you in their thoughts can’t be told to you by anyone else but them. And to me, the switching back and forth helps with the tightening of the noose, so to speak.

Now you’ve got a small glimpse into my (scary) mine. Sorry you asked?

Over the course of about a month (from October 24 until November 30), Stephanie Tyler and I are giving away:
– 2 copies of LIE WITH ME
– 2 copies of PROMISES IN THE DARK and
– a grand prize of a signed set of one of her trilogies (either the Hold trilogy or the Blaze trilogy).

All you have to do is leave a (meaningful) comment with the reviews and/or the guest-posts and you are entered. Each comment is entered for the grand prize in the end.

Up for grabs with this post is a 2nd copy of LIE WITH ME , provided by Stephanie Tyler.
This giveaway ends November 2 (winner announced November 3) and note your comment will be entered for the grand prize.

Make sure you come back on November 23rd for my review of PROMISES IN THE DARK and a chance to win a copy of it, provided by me.


13 thoughts on “Guestpost + Giveaway by Stephanie Tyler (LIE WITH ME)

  1. I'm fine with multiple POVs, too. It's why I don't care for first person books too much. I want to know what everyone is thinking, not just the narrator's perception of their thoughts. I also particularly like it when we get the POV of the villain in RS. That makes a book for me. I adored the Hold trilogy, and am really looking forward to this one coming out!

  2. I have a love/hate thing with multiple PoV. It depends on the story. With some I love having different points of view, but with others I just wish that they were told from just one.spav05(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Please don't enter me in the contest.I LOVE multiple POV – in fact I feel lost a lot of times when reading UF books – which ALWAYS are told from a single POV. My biggest thing with POV is that the story has to stay consistent. What I really love is when there is more than one great story within the book.. Like in Lie With Me – I LOVED the side story of Riley and Dylan. And like Pearl and Stephanie pointed out – uncovering each piece of the puzzle and then finding out that all the pieces connect!Thanks for the post! Great discussion.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I cant wait to read Lie With Me. I really love multiple points of view as long as you can tell who its coming from. I have read some books that you cant tell and it makes me crazy trying to figure it out, lol! Thanks again! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. After reading the "HOLD" trilogy, its hard to find something to compare to them. I have been waiting rather impatiently for new books by Stephanie Tyler because of the multiple POV effects that she offers. Great reads. Keep up the great work.

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