Announcement: Wild Irish Week Winners!!

Quite belated because of several circumstances and being swamped at work but I finally found a sliver of time to pick the Wild Irish Week Winners…

The winner of COME MONDAY is: barbara
The winner of RUBY TUESDAY is: JenM
The winner of WAITING FOR WEDNESDAY is: desi
The winner of SWEET THURSDAY is: johnsonsteven
The winner of FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE is: flchen1
The winner of SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL is: Aurian
The winner of ANY GIVEN SUNDAY is: elaing8

Congratulations to all winners! And thanks everyone for commenting during this Wild Irish Week. Special thanks to Mari for writing such wonderful books and for her cooperation and generosity.

If I do have your email address I will sent it to Mari and she will contact you about your prize. I’ve contact the winners whose email address I don’t have. johnsonsteven, I haven’t found a way to contact you to get your email address so if you read this please send me your email address asap so I can get it to Mari.


5 thoughts on “Announcement: Wild Irish Week Winners!!

  1. I was so excited to find out I had won a book. Thanks so much for holding the contest. It was fun to come each day and see the comments every one left.( again.

  2. Thanks johnsonsteven for your email address. I have sent all the email addresses to Mari now so hopefully she'll contact you soon about your prizes and I also hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I did@Aurian > the iPhone is coming back to life again but it turns out the lcd/touchscreen did not survive the drowning so we are looking into getting it repaired/replaced. Thanks for asking!

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