Announcement: New Year, New Look

Finally, after a delay of a few months, my blog make-over is here.
It cost me a few years of my life (you know I’m exaggerating LOL) but I got it done, all by myself…even the photoshop stuff, okay I’ll be honest and say that hubby did help a little bit with the photoshop hell… but colors, lay-out, ideas for images, font, sidebars etc…that was all me.

The way the blog looks now is how I had it in my head for a very long time and thanks to dear friend Leontine who pointed me in the direction of Artisteer I am now proud to present the new and improved PEARL’S WORLD OF ROMANCE!!

Even though I am not the world’s best replier to comments, (I really, really suck at that) I hope you will continue to visit and read what romance novels I’m buying, reading and reviewing and what authors I welcome to talk romance with us. If you promise to keep visiting, I promise to pick up posting reviews more regularly again. With the new job, I’ve been slacking in that department but after almost 2 months I’m starting to get into a comfortable rhythm and finding small batches of time to do some reviewing in between work, social life with family and friends, reading and watching my TV shows.


13 thoughts on “Announcement: New Year, New Look

  1. Pearl it looks fantastic! Love the grey/red combo and its clean calm feel! Can't wait to see you back in the saddle, and no worries, we promise we'll be here when you come back :-) Congrats on your new look, bravo for doing it all by yourself (with a lil help from the hubs ;-p)!

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