QuicknDirty-Review: REVEAL ME by Cari Quinn

Alana MacGregor craves excitement, but when her sometimes lover dumps her at a popular sex club, she wonders if she’s outgrown her live-fast-and-recover-later lifestyle. The last thing she expects is to run into the nerdy guy she rebuffed in high school—or for him to rock her world in ways no other man ever has.

Hot on the trail of a story, Carter Nicholas can’t believe his luck at encountering the one woman he’s never forgotten. He’s come a long way from being a wall-hugging geek. Now he gets all A’s between the sheets. But can he convince Alana he’s her sure ticket to an unforgettable night—and maybe much more?

Author: Cari Quinn
Series: Kink series, book 1
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Year of release: 2010, January 19
Format: ebook, 52 pages
Source: Bought at Jasmine Jade

First line:
“Is this some kind of sick joke, Ramon? You’re dumping me?” Alana demanded, staring up at her pathetic excuse for a boyfriend.
Memorable Scene:
The moment at the bar, right before Carter and Alana had to get out of the club > Talk about sexual tension, Cari’s a master at building it!

Quick & Dirty-review:

After 8 years coincidence (or is it fate?) brings Alana MacGregor and Carter Nicholas together, at a sex club of all places. Carter has a major crush on Alana in high school but she mowed him down ruthlessly. Now Carter is no longer the quiet, geeky boy he was in high school and he’s determined to get the woman he’s wanted for years.

Carter Nicholas, high school computer geek turned into a man with a sexual intensity that sets the pages on fire. He’s serious, sweet and a really nice guy.

Alana MacGregor is a carefree party-girl and a pleasure/good times seeker. She’s out-going, vivacious and a try-anything-once person. She tries to hide her insecurity with bravado and doing things that seem inconsiderate and before getting this I was having a bit of a hard time with how bitchy she could be with Carter.

Alana and Carter couldn’t have been any more different if they tried. They are the textbook example of opposites that attract and proceed to set the pages on fire!

Cari Quinn never fails to pull me into her stories with her easy, fluent and hot writing. REVEAL ME was no exception. From the first sentence I was invested in Alana’s story and wondering what Cari had in store for me this time around.

Cari writes sex scenes like few other erotic romance authors do. They’re bold, straightforward and explicit and they way I absolutely like them the best: with talkative participants. Also, her books are fresh, original and never repetitive. Every one of Cari’s books I’ve read are uniquely hot. But it’s not just about the heat, she also puts characters on the page that go through development, no matter how short the book is. REVEAL ME was like that too. As I said, I had to warm up to Alana but she was never unlikeable to me because I could understand why she behaved like she did.

My only complaint about REVEAL ME is that is was such a short story because I could’ve read on forever and I hope to see Alana and Carter back in future books. Speaking of future books, I am very curious about Kelly and if there’s a story there. I dare hope that PROVOKE ME will be about her and her mysterious behavior in this book…(reviewer’s note: In the meantime I’ve heard from the author that book 2 is indeed about Kelly…YAY).

“Quickie” is an appropriate adjective for REVEAL ME. And this is not just because the book was short and sweet, though sweet is not the word I’m looking for…Short and scorching is more like it! Thanks Cari, for another great read and I’m anxiously looking forward to Kelly’s longer story!

Funny thing:
I keep referring to Carter as Nick…every time I’ve typed his name in this review I’ve typed Nick first, only to change it to Carterand in my head I keep calling him Nick…Why? It could have something to do with his last name, Nicholas and Alana calling him Nicky throughout the book…

Once again thoughts of her best friend fled her mind. Yeah, she was going to hell. At the rate things were going, she wouldn’t even get an orgasm first.

Alana to Carter: “Whoa. You’re sounding mighty self-righteous for someone with a glow-in-the-dark condom in his pocket.”


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