Review: SINGAPORE FLING by Rhian Cahill

Carly Simmons has lusted after her boss for six months. Throwing caution to the wind while on a business trip in Singapore, she suggests a fling. When Saxon takes her up on her offer, Carly gets far more than the conservative businessman she’s expecting.
Saxon Grant is definitely up for a weekend of red-hot sex, but once he gets his hands on Carly he knows a couple of days will never be enough. Months of wanting her explode into a weekend of tangled sheets and twisted emotions.

And after one wild weekend, these two hearts will never be the same.

Author: Rhian Cahill
Series: Passport to Passion Collection
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Year of release: 2009, August 31
Format: eBook, 44 pages
Source: I won this book at the Down Under Divas Blog

First line:
“See anything you like?”

Memorable Scenes:
– All the sex scenes: against hotel room door, floor, bed, bathtub and bed but especially the one in the elevator…
– Bathtub sponge bath scene > I was in lust with Saxon before this scene, but after it, I was in love

Sometimes you find treasures of books where you least expect it. When I was told I won choice of a book by any of the contributing authors of the Down Under Divas Blog because I was the first commenter, I had a choice to make. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t make choices easily. Just ask my hubby to tell you what a pain I am in restaurants…on second thought…don’t…

Back to the subject, I had an author and then a book to choose. As I already had all the books I wanted from Jess Dee and Lexxie Couper this left me with Rhian Cahill and Sami Lee to choose from. I checked their backlists and found books I’d love to read. My pick ultimately was Rhian Cahill’s SINGAPORE FLING and the only reason for that was that it was from a publisher that didn’t accept Paypal payments so credit card-less me couldn’t buy it from them and the Sami Lee book was from a publisher I should get bulk-discount from, as many ebooks as I buy with them monthly LOL *cough*Samhain*cough*

When I received the book, I transferred it to my iPhone and there it sat for a while, until I needed a quick new –to-me-author e-read and thought of the won book. I started the first page and within moments I’d already marked more quotes than I have ever done for entire full-length books (talking 300+ pages here!) and this is a 44-page novella. I started gushing and gushing on Twitter and couldn’t stop reading.

There’s a quote in the book that sums up exactly how I feel about this book:
There were no more words. Just love and lust, and everything in between.

Now if you are still with me I will start an actual review, I can imagine some people have fled because there hasn’t been any actual reviewing yet, but I had to get this off my chest in order to be able to be coherent…

The hero of SINGAPORE FLING shot straight to the top of my favorite heroes list. And that was not because Saxon Grant was intelligent, confident and had a strong work ethic. No! It was solely because he was the BEST dirty talking hero I read in 2010. He had me from the moment he opened his mouth: Commanding, growling and utterly sexy!

Carly Simmons, the heroine was great too. She’s a straight shooter who speaks her mind and she witty and smart. Yet, however great Carly was, it was overshadowed by my lust for Saxon. He absolutely stole the show for me. But I’m also realistic enough to realize that without Carly, Saxon wouldn’t have been the great hero he was. And now I’ll stop about Saxon. I dislike it when reviewers make the review all about gushing over the hero so I must practice what I preach.

I originally intended to write a Quick and Dirty review for SINGAPORE FLING and in the QnD-reviews I have a few points that I write something about while reading. One of them is “plot” When writing this review I checked my review notes for this book and this is what I said about the plot: “Plot? Who needs a plot!” So that settles reviewing the plot part of the book. Let’s move on.

The only reason I’m not giving this novella the perfect read stamp is because the high it started and ended on, lost a bit of it’s strength in the middle part and I wanted that promised desk smexing scene and yet again didn’t get it. SINGAPORE FLING was the second book in a row I’d read where desk smexing was hinted at but author didn’t come through on it and if there’s one reason why I adore the co-workers/boss-employee trope it’s for the desk play. So I’m going to be a spoiled brat and deduct half a point for not giving me my desk smex ;)

Now let’s talk about the writing, because a drool-worthy hero is good and all, but that alone still does not make a gush-worthy book. My first encounter with Rhian Cahill’s work left me mesmerized. To me her writing is imaginative, vivid moving, intense and hot. The writing style is magical, gripping and takes you into the mind and vision of her characters. I had the impression I could feel their compelling lust. The way she writes she could make describing watching paint dry exciting and lust-inspiring, so I will most definitely be reading much more of her work and may even venture into her paranormal stuff, even though contemporary romance is higher on my favorites list.

Rhian Cahill set the pages on fire from the very start and never let up. I loved this hot and sweet little novella. There’s hot, there’s smokin’ hot and then there’s SINGAPORE FLING, a character-driven, hot number that takes you beyond smokin’ hot with scorching lust and urgent desire, delivered by an awesomely talented writer.

As with a book I reviewed recently I’m not able to cut the quotes down to 2 or 3 and don’t have the time for a Quotes-Post at the moment so I’m leaving all the quotes I initially marked for my fellow romance-readers’ enjoyment. And I dare you not to go out and get this book the moment you finish reading them (if you haven’t got the book already, that is).

He was a tall drink of mouthwatering delight she’d had her eye on for a while now.

She had to stop thinking about jumping Saxon Grant. The man would never go for her if she came off as a trashy nympho.

Carly was going to love teaching the man all about down and dirty. But first she had to play it cool, be subtle.

He had a bedroom voice, a little rough, a little naughty.

“Good. I’d hate to think this was a bad habit you have.” He watched her closely before adding, “I’d have to punish you if it was.”
Her eyes widened and her tummy lurched. “Punish?”
“Oh yeah. I’d turn you over my knee and spank that sexy ass of yours.”

Oh, she might think she fooled everyone with those conservative business suits of hers, and most people were fooled, but he hadn’t been duped. She was made for sex. Hot, sweaty sex.

Slamming his mouth to hers, he sucked her bottom lip between his teeth and bit into the tender flesh. Her gasp of surprise allowed him access to the dark warmth his tongue sought to claim. All the months of holding back, waiting to take her, exploded into the kiss. He dominated, ravished and took without apology. Every corner, every recess became his.

The sounds tripping past her lips drove him further into the carnal hunger to
take, possess. Purrs, whimpers, murmurs, the hitch of breath when he found a
sensitive spot, all dragged him into the inferno of raging lust that consumed them both. He couldn’t wait. He had to have her now. How he tore himself away from her he’d never know, but he did. He yanked his wallet from his back pocket, fumbled for the condom he kept inside.
“Strip,” he ordered.
He tossed his wallet over his shoulder and ripped the foil packet open with his teeth while undoing his jeans.

She’d trusted him with her pleasure and given him more than he’d ever asked for by doing so. He’d taken her like an animal, demanded she give him everything and without pause she had. Never before had a woman been so generous. So trusting. She was a treasure to be looked after, to be cherished and he wanted to be the man who took care of her. And wasn’t he off to a good start? He’d torn the clothes from her body and rutted on her like a wild beast. Saxon closed his eyes and swallowed the lump in his throat. Damn. He’d be lucky if she didn’t quit her job and run for her life when she finally came around.

She couldn’t even drum up the energy to worry about how wanton she’d behaved, or how he’d been nothing like she expected. The man had rocked more than her world. He’d shifted the whole damn universe on her. And right now she didn’t care. She’d be happy for him to do it all over again.

She almost purred at his light touch, the tingle of desire sparking to life as his fingers grazed the side of her breast.

If she could think straight she’d end it now. Cut the cord before it attached too firmly, before it entwined so fully with her soul she’d never get untangled.

When this weekend was over he’d either get everything he never knew he wanted or he’d be left with a bleeding heart and broken soul.


6 thoughts on “Review: SINGAPORE FLING by Rhian Cahill

  1. @Aurian > it's a contemporary erotic romance so it's mostly love scenes….the whole novella is centered on their weekend fling. There's a little back-story about the two of them as they are co-workers but don't expect any plots like a conflict or mystery or suspense or something like that.Knowing your taste in books I don't think this would be a story you would really enjoy…but if you want to try an erotic romance, I can definitely recommend it because Rhian Cahill's writing is really great. She also has a paranormal series, centered on wolf shifters

  2. I was debating if I should buy this (I'm trying to be good this year), but I think I need to accept my fate and one click it now! I finished reading her coyote series last month – which were awesome reading. I ended up reading them one after the other – kinda like wham bam bam thankyou ma'am! I'm looking forward to seeing her speak at the ARRA Conference in March.

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