QuicknDirty-Review: ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK by Rhian Cahill

One night in Bangkok is all it takes to turn Beth Martin’s future plans upside down. After being betrayed by her fiancé the last thing she needs is another man screwing up her life.

But Tom is different. He makes her feel sensations long forgotten, makes her want in ways best left unspoken. Can she live out her wildest fantasies in one decadent night? And when it’s over, can she walk away, or will what she doesn’t want prove to be what she needs?

Author: Rhian Cahill
Series: Passport to Passion Collection
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Year of release: 2009, May? —I know I talked with the author on Twitter about the release date but can’t remember and didn’t write it down anywhere for some obscure reason, or I did and can’t find it anymore *headdesk*—
Format: eBook, 28 pages
Source: Gracefully offered to me by author when I wasn’t able to buy it from publisher

First line:
Sweat oozed from every pore, pooled and then dripped between Beth’s breasts, the slide of moisture a warm caress, like a lover’s tongue.

Memorable Scenes:
– Dinner scene > foreplay from start to finish, HOT!

Quick & Dirty-review:

His name is Tom and that’s all I can tell you without spoiling the story.

Beth Martin. A capable and professional woman who has a passionate side to her that’s waiting to be sparked by the right man. She’s decided she won’t be dictated by others any longer and wants to take life head-on and on her terms. That’s exactly what she does on her last night in Bangkok.

A one night stand in Bangkok leads to a HEA with a nice twist at the end

Rhian Cahill’s writing is simply mesmerizing. The way she describes sexual chemistry and arousal is amazing. It’s so vivid and sensual I can actually feel the zing and sparks coming of the pages. She’s one of the very few authors whose descriptions I love to read as they are anything but page fillers and they almost form a character of their own in the books I’ve read by her.

– writing, sex scenes and premise

– minor one: missed Tom’s POV though at the end I understood why the story was told almost exclusively from Beth’s POV.

Rhian Cahill did it again. She seduced me with another incredibly hot and well-written novella that just sizzled of the pages. I can’t wait to read her next erotic contemporary book! Bear in mind that I am being this enthusiastic about a 28-page story…Me! The reader who always complains about novellas being too short but in this case it was so deliciously written I can’t even fathom complaining about length.

Lost in the thrill of what he was doing to her hand—and in a domino effect,
her entire body—Beth feared she would agree to anything he suggested as
long as he didn’t stop.
“Have dinner with me.” He spoke against her skin and his breath puffed over the moisture left by his tongue. It cooled and heated at the same time as sparks of fire shot through her hand and up her arm leaving a trail of tingling starbursts in their wake.

“Dinner?” She moved out of the way to let the server pass and Tom closed the distance between them, crowding her against the wall.
“Yes, dinner,” he whispered into her ear.
“But I thought—”
“What? That I would strip you naked and take you against this wall the minute you walked in?” His warm, moist breath sent shockwaves of lust down her neck. He bit her earlobe lightly. “Make no mistake, Beth, I will have you. But I’m a civilized man. I invited you to dinner and I will feed you dinner.”

A whimper of anguish slipped past her lips before she could stop it. Want and desire laced every note, conveying her arousal, her need, her desperation to have him touch her.


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