Quickie Requested-Review: MISTLETOE AND THE LOST STILETTO by Liz Fielding

Lucy Bright can’t believe it when she’s plucked from secretarial obscurity and transformed into the pampered fiancée of a slick retail guru. But then she discovers it was all a publicity stunt! Rushing away from the media frenzy, she bumps—literally—into the arms of delicious tycoon Nathaniel Hart….

Spooked by their instantaneous chemistry, Lucy flees—but Nathaniel is determined to find his barefoot beauty. Though all he has is one very expensive red designer stiletto to help him!

Author: Liz Fielding
Series: Standalone, Mills & Boon Cherish imprint
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher:Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited
Year of release: 2010, November 9
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Source: Received from the author for ARC-review. Unfortunately due to several circumstances I’m only just now getting around to writing and posting the review and was not able to post the review before release.

First line:
Rubbing at the base of her engagement ring with her thumb so that the huge diamond sparkled, Lucy Bright made an effort to shake off the feeling that things weren’t quite as fairy tale as media coverage of her romance with Rupert Henshawe would suggest.

(Reviewer’s note: decided to go with the first full sentence of the book as everything before was a calendar/diary entry)

Memorable Scenes:
– Nat and Lucy’s very first encounter > wonderfully written as I felt like I was right there with them.

Quickie Review:
Lucy Bright’s whirlwind romance and plans for a fairy tale wedding to her boss Rupert Henshawe come to an sudden end when she finds out she’s been used as a publicity stunt and her Prince Charming turns out to be the ugly frog.

The heroine Lucy is a survivor. She’s impulsive, passionate, resilient and bubbly yet with substance. I really liked her as the heroine of this book. Nathaniel Hart, Lucy’s knight in shining armor is a very intriguing character. There’s lot more to him than meets the eye and he has a tragic back-story.

The romance in this short book was very nice. It was subtle despite the immediate chemistry between Nat and Lucy and very fitting the line and story. Liz Fielding has a lovely and agreeable writing style that pulls you in immediately. There’s subtle humor and she also almost imperceptibly adds the characters’ back-stories into the rest of the story. It’s fast-paced without unnecessary information or descriptions.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first encounter with Liz Fielding’s work. MISTLETOE AND THE LOST STILETTO is a very cute story that gets you in the mood for Christmas and Christmas shopping (I know, I know…it’s frigging April/almost May but there were circumstances that prevented me from ARC-reviewing this book, to my utter shame…).

Favorite Quotes:
His world was reduced to the pounding of his heart, her breath against his cheek, her gold-green eyes peering up at him over a voluptuous cowl collar that was sliding, seductively, off one shoulder.
She smelled like a summer garden, of apples and spice and as he held her, a rare, forgotten warmth rippled through him.

Lucy was drowning in raw sensation, Lying in the arms of a total stranger, drowning in the quicksilver heat of his eyes, his touch, parting her lips to gasp in air, struggling to breathe as she went under for the third time.
What was she thinking? What was she doing?


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