Apple Trail Week-Review: ON THE FENCE by Keri Ford

If Shellie Chambers has to hear one more condescending comment from her mother about life or men, she might scream. She packs up and takes a trip to see her long-missed high school friend, Riley. He’ll know exactly what she needs to loosen up. But instead of the girl-chasing jock she remembers from their youth, Riley’s gone country, keeping up a farm of his own.

Riley Hamilton has settled down on a farm his uncle left to him. Not the life he ever envisioned, but after getting a girl pregnant in college and then watching helplessly as the baby was aborted, he learned the hard way it was time to settle down. Shellie’s reentry into his life reminds of his wild past and it’s a fight to ignore the tempting woman Shellie has become.

Author: Keri Ford
Series: Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas, book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Year of release: 2011, February 21
Format: eBook
Source: Bought via Smashwords

First line:
There was no way around it. Catching Mr. Right was damn hard work.

Memorable Scenes:
-the four-wheeler scene > wow!
– bathroom scene > double wow!

Shellie Chambers and Riley Hamilton are childhood friends. The last time they saw each other was 6 years ago but when her mom is driving her bat-shit crazy, Shellie seeks refuge with the friend she knows will pull her back from the ledge. But devil-may-care, good-times Riley has transformed into responsible and controlled Riley while Shellie is determined to have a little fun.

I did not take very extensive notes on Shellie’s character but do remember she was another female character I really liked. Keri Ford has a knack for writing likeable heroines I easily connect with and having read the third book in this series I know this is something that this isn’t just a fluke of the first two books.

I met Riley in the first book of the series and was immediately drawn to him. He’s careful and intense. One little thing I did miss was a little more background on the change in Riley as I would have loved to know the cause for the change was, but that’s me nitpicking.

Like THROUGH THE WALL this book was pretty short so both the stories in this series were fun and quick reads and left me wanting a little bit more when finished. However by bringing the characters back in the next books keeps you connected and I like those little peeks into how they’re doing.

I really like Keri Ford’s voice and style. It’s easy, fluent and fun and every time I read her stories she puts a smile on my face. In the span of 8 chapters Keri Ford gave me a wonderful character-driven story with likable and developed characters, subtle humor and enough sexual tension to set the pages on fire.

Favorite Quote:
And at that moment, Riley’s hand dropped to Shellie’s thigh. His large palm covered the top of her leg, his long fingers rested between her thighs, and she completely lost her train of thought. He wasn’t doing anything suggestive or dirty under the table, but it was just that his hand was on her, warming her and zapping her words before they could even reach her tongue.

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– 2 Apple Trail Jars –US residents only


7 thoughts on “Apple Trail Week-Review: ON THE FENCE by Keri Ford

  1. Christi–I love this troupe. it always interesting watching them transfer from friends to lovers!Kelly–yes! Riley and Shellie show up during IN THE HAY. In fact, the hero of HAY is Riley's cousin, Drew!

  2. I wonder how old the hero is, how long ago he changed. Was he still in school when he got the girl pregnant?But I also like the friends to lovers storyline a lot. You already know some of the worst things about the other, so a short novel is acceptable.

  3. If there is one vibe I'm picking up from this series is fun and steamy, two things I never grow tired of. I can imagine thereading pleasure you must've had with this series, Pearl :))

  4. This series catches more and more my interest! :) I adore reunion stories and the hero sounds a bit wounded. Just how I like them! ;)claudigc at msn dot com

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