Apple Trail Week-Guestpost: Up Next in Apple Trail…

The last day of Apple Trail Week has arrived…*sniff* I hope everyone had as much fun as Keri and I had with this week and I want to thank Keri for all her hard work in making this week happen because without her contributions I only would have had 3 reviews. Today she has another awesome guestpost for us in which she shares some interesting information on what’s in store for us next in Apple Trail. I pre-read this post and all I can say is: Bring on these books and that Bald and Tatt’d + those triplets are sooooo mine LOL

Give Keri a warm welcome and enjoy her post!

Thanks for having me today…and all week!!! Up next in Apple Trail, we get a little more on the town and the people in it! Mike Gable is the man in charge of Apple Trail and he keeps an orderly, calm town…that is if you don’t count Tiffany McBride.

Tiffany has kept Mike’s tail in knots since they were in high school. But he’s not the only one. As much as Tiffany grates on Mike’s skin, he’s under hers just as much. When these two finally admit their attraction for each other, the pages are lit on fire.

I had a lot of fun writing MAKING HER NIGHTS. When I was writing it, I was all but keeping permanent flushed cheeks because the sexual tension is just off the charts hot. I kept writing thinking, this is the hottest book I’ve ever written. I got to the end…and there’s two (2 ½ if you count that tease moment) of sex scenes. Turns out there’s less sex in Nights than in any other book in the Apple Trail series so far but it reads so hot because the tension is just off the charts.

My editor is calling this her favorite of the series so far and she’s already said she wants more! Should be out around June 20th.

After MAKING HER NIGHTS is SATISFYING HER TASTES and I gotta tell ya, I am so excited for this one! The heroine is in-your-face direct with what she wants and the hero (who I was calling on twitter at one point, Bald and Tatt’d) (note from Pearl: I’m ALL over this hero…*sigh*) is so taken with her. But one of my favorite parts of this story is what it led me to! While there are only six books in the Apple Trail series, I am so not done with this town because of this book!

The hero of Tastes is the youngest of four brothers who are ancestors of the founders of the town Apple Trail. I’ve pitched the idea to my publisher and these three older brothers (triplets!) are planned for Summer of 2012! Currently they’re titled (and might change!) ROUGH PLAY, ROUGH RIDE and ROUGH TUMBLE. They’re scheduled to be a little bit longer than Apple Trail novellas and I can’t wait to dig into them next month.

And finally, last for Apple Trail is Jessie McBride. You’ve seen her in every book so far in some form or another. Either directly by name or mentioned as a “blonde”. She’s got a huge heart that’s taken some hard hits over the years, but there’s a man coming her way who has enough patience to put a smile on her face.

Pearl, thank you thank you so much for having me all week, for the reviews—you’re awesome! Can’t wait to give away some books and stuff! Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered!

By commenting on this vlog or one of the other posts this week (every comment is an entry) your name is thrown in the hat to win the following prizes:

– one autographed print copy of Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Vol.1 –open to international residents
– eCopies of Through The Wall, On The Fence, In The Hay. –open to international residents (Winner’s Choice)
– 2 Apple Trail Jars –US residents only


7 thoughts on “Apple Trail Week-Guestpost: Up Next in Apple Trail…

  1. Oh, the upcoming books sound awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on this series.Thanks Keri & Pearl for a really fun week in Apple Trail! :)bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  2. This series of posts have been so awesome to read this week. Thanks Keri & Pearl. And ooh, this one sounds really good. I need to sit down and read the entire series! smiles…

  3. O Keri, they all sound so good! I only don't fall for a hairless hero, but that is alright, can't keep them all for myself. If I don't win, I still will read this series!

  4. OMG!!! I can't wait to read this story… Keri thank you so much for writing these stories… Pearl, Thank you for having this week for Keri… ♥ Kelly M

  5. Thank you, Pearl, for bringing this author and her books to our attention! The books sound really awesome and I'll definitely put them on my TBR pile.

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