Requested Review: UNDERCOVER LOVERS by Dee Carney, Chloe Cole, Cari Quinn & Dee Tenorio

Who’s undercover?
Saffron Burton – Sensual food critic posing as just another customer
Tucker Lamb – Smooth as butter former conman posing as nerdy professor
Shane Madison – Dead sexy private eye posing as a Strippendale’s dancer
Katrina Killian –Brazenly sexual cop posing a gang member
Four ultra-sexy stories by four great authors

Authors: Dee Carney, Choe Cole, Cari Quinn and Dee Tenorio
Series: Standalone
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-published
Year of release: 2011, May 25
Format: eBook
Source: Received from one of the authors for review

This is the first anthology I’m reviewing on my blog since the make-over and the joining of my Quick-and-Dirty Review blog with my regular blog. Because of that and because of the trouble I’m having making a clear and concise I’ve decided to make the Quick-n-Dirty REALLY QnD and posting almost non-edited notes I made during my reading of this anthology. I hope through it my enjoyment and appreciation of this wonderful anthology still shines through.

CONSUMED by Dee Carney

August Jaeger’s signature dishes have taken the Denver dining community by storm. When one Saffron Burton shows up, he’s sure he’s spotted a modern day Mata Hari sent to steal his recipes. If he manages to catch a thrill or two while teaching her a lesson, so much the better.

Food journalist Saffron Burton has a job to do: Find out what Chef Jager is serving for Restaurant Week. But with every course that passes her lips—and every minute in his presence—she’s finding what she really wants isn’t listed on any menu.

First line:
For the first time in almost fourteen years as a chef, August Jaeger forgot the name of the dish he was serving.

Memorable Scenes:
– The scene in the alley/street, going to August’s house for a private dinner > H to the O to the T!!
– August defending McD fries > he won my heart there as McD fries are heaven to me LOL

A commanding celebrity chef, a food critic undercover, some spanking, lots of heat,

August Jaeger, chef
It’s a good thing this hero is such a sexy, sexy man because his name is so not but the sexiness he exudes totally trumps that.
Temperamental and take-charge

Saffron Burton, food critic
Ambitious and smart

A chef and a food critic as main characters, when I read this I was sold! Though I adore cooking/restaurant stuff TV shows and I have quite some foodie romances on my shelves, sadly they are still unread. However, this foodie novella has definitely sparked the need to push the up towards the top of my TBR pile.

This story was so damned quotable it was very hard for me to pick just the ones mentioned in this review! I already had a whole bunch of quotes after being only 3 chapters into the story.

Ms Carney writes sex scenes like nobody’s business! Scalding hot and beautifully written.

Favorite Quotes:
He wanted to hear her say his name. Not just as part of everyday conversation, but in a throaty, breathy, on the verge of an orgasmic scream kind of way.

If he did what his body wanted -what it commanded- she’d find herself spread before him against the wall, dress bunched around her waist, restaurant guests and other passersby be damned.

A war raged within him; the chef ensured she found oral satisfaction while the man in him wanted her sexual satiation.

CONSUMED is excellently written, fast-paced, delicious and hot! It’s short but well-rounded and balanced.

CONNED by Chloe Cole

Human sexuality Professor Cricket Malloy likes bad boys, but when buttoned-up Science Professor Tucker Lamb needs help with an experiment on aphrodisiacs, she goes the extra mile to help him out. After all, he’s harmless…

Tucker Lamb was born into a life of a grifter. He’s always prided himself on his fast fingers and quicksilver tongue. Ever since being placed in the witness protection program, he’s been on the up and up, but something about Cricket Malloy makes him ache to see if his tongue is as fast as it used to be.

First line:
“Oh my God. Oh, God. Yeah. Yeah, right there. Yes. Yes!”

Memorable Scenes:
– Tuck in the shower > both funny and HOT!
– the scene with the icecube > have I mentioned this story is hot! I died and went to Tucker Lamb heaven in this scene!

a conman in the WPP as a college professor, a female professof who doesn’t know the nice, nerdy professor outside hides a wicked bad boy inside, scorching sexually charged experiments,

Tucker ‘Tuck’ Lamb, Science Professor
He’s trying to be good but he’s a bad boy. And another addition to my fave heroes list of yummy dirty talkers. Welcome, Tucker…and make yourself at home! :)

Eleanor ‘Cricket’ Malloy, Human Sexuality Professor
Quick-witted, passionate and bold/direct

I definitely want to read more by Chloe Cole. Her writing is crisp, playful, humorous and hot. I certainly approve.

Same thing about quotes (see CONSUMED notes) goes for this story, maybe even more.

Favorite Quotes:
She’d wondered if he would take the bait, but he’d chosen to retreat instead. It was kind of a letdown, but kind of cute at the same time. He was a bit of a puzzle and damn if that didn’t have her heart kicking up a notch. She almost laughed out loud at her own reaction. She knew a sign when she saw one and if a nerdy professor not flirting with her was getting her all hot and bothered, she had obviously gone without a man for too long.

In one hour, he was expected to be at the lab. The lab where he would spend the better part of his afternoon testing out aphrodisiacs with the sexiest woman on the planet. He wondered briefly if anyone had ever died of horniness. He looked down at his swollen c#ck and let out a disgusted snort. Maybe it wouldn’t kill him, but if he didn’t take care of it he definitely wouldn’t be able to walk straight.

The climax hit him like a wrecking ball, smashing through his fantasy, splintering it into pure, incoherent pleasure.

He was still so pole-axed by her appearance, he couldn’t respond. Great. Just when he’d decided to let her see how cool he was, all his cool melted in the face of her ridiculous hotness.

“Ready to go?” “Uh, where? I thought…” They’d struck a bargain, hadn’t they? Her cheeks burned. Had she misunderstood somehow? She frantically replayed their conversation in her head, eyeing her half- full wineglass on the table. “What’d you think, I was just going to stretch you out on the bed and go to town?”
He pinned her with his gaze. “This isn’t amateur hour, Doctor. I’m old and wise enough to know that seduction begins long before you hit the bedroom. Now let’s get out of here.”

CONNED is a very hot and perfectly written story with great characters, awesome sexual tension and mind-blowing smexing.
9.5/10 – AWESOME READ!

CONQUERED by Cari Quinn

Serial monogamist, Emma Donegan, has never had a one night stand. But when she sees the sexy cop-stripper at a friend’s bachelorette party, she resolves to make her most risque fantasies come true.

Playing the part of a stripper is way out of private detective Shane Madison’s comfort zone, but the future of his business hangs on this one case. Too bad the incriminating evidence leads right to the irresistible brunette who keeps slipping tens into his g-string. He can’t let her distract him. Who knew it would be so hard…

First line:
In theory, a bachelorette party should provide plenty of chances to get laid.

Memorable Scene:
– the stripping lesson and its aftermath > hot turning point in the story!

A case of mistaken identity, a PI undercover as a stripper, a very proper heroine who defines the ‘still waters run deep’ saying, a drink spiked with an experimental aphrodisiac, a stripping lesson

Emma Donegan, call center rep
Vivacious and sweet, a wannabe bad girl under the veneer of the wholesome girl next door.
I loved Emma, she is so open and candid and says what she thinks without a filter. Found her very refreshing, endearing and funny.

Shane Madison, ex-cop, now private investigator
All the notes on Shane I had was: nice guy…

Penguin, banana hammock…Cari Quinn never fails to make me laugh while expanding my erotic romance vocabulary.

This story started off a bit less intense as the previous 2 stories but boy, once it got hot and heavy…it was definitely worth the wait! Cari’s sex scenes are carnal, lush and awesome. How she does it, I don’t know but as long as she keeps doing it I’ll keep reading and enjoying them.

Favorite Quotes:
The cop so couldn’t dance. He kept watching the other guys and trying to mimic their moves. Not only did he have two left feet, they were both broken. But he scored high on the yummy scale.

If she kept talking and didn’t go for it soon, she’d probably run out of chances to coax him into bed –up against the wall?– before he got annoyed. But he’d been hard for her. She must be doing something right. He’d called her cute. If she could just stop babbling to fill the silence, maybe he’d still want to do her. Hot guys probably didn’t have a lot of patience for slightly drunken/drugged, chatty, horny girls. She needed to turn him on.

“It’s always the quiet ones,” he whispered against her cheek, her rough pants the sweetest, dirtiest music he’d ever heard.

Hard to maintain your dignity when you were compressed like a deformed pretzel. Especially when you could see your lover’s well-used mouth descend to the cleft between your legs as if he were about to dine on a succulent meal. With his tongue as the fork.

CONQUERED is a wonderful and hot story once again by one of my favorite erotic romance authors. Though not the most scorching one of the bunch it fit right in and I enjoyed it to the fullest!
8.5/10 – GREAT READ!

CONVICTED by Dee Tenorio

Crusty sheriff Cade Evigan doesn’t date convicts, not even ones as irresistible as Katrina “K.K.” Killian. The woman may have gotten under his skin—and once, on the hood of his car—but the sultry biker had criminal written all over her. He hasto stay away.

When the shit hits the fan and the case she’s been working on for over a year cracks wide open, Katrina heads straight to the hills to protect the one man she cares about. Some temptations are impossible to resist and she knows if she stays with Cade for the night, odds are her cover isn’t the only thing getting blown…

First line:
The pounding on the door damn near knocked Cade out of bed.

– There was not a specific scene but the whole banter between Cade and Trina was memorable, with at its highpoint the “My tits, my rules” quote

A sheriff, an undercover DEA agent, a mole/traitor, bikers, sexual tension that you could cut with a knife,

Cade Evigan, sheriff
Gruff and commanding wounded warrior

Katrina ‘Trina’ Killian, undercover DEA agent
Thrives on independence, unrefined, ball-buster and bold

Dee Tenorio’s writing is unique and intense. The intensity is countered with some dry, witty humor that made this story utterly enjoyable. Out of the 4 stories this one had the most elaborate plot. Within the short span of this story she manages to create back-stories and events that paint a full picture of the main characters and yet keeps the plot moving forward in a pretty fast pace.

Favorite Quotes:
He was not going to give her the smile she was hunting down. He couldn’t allow it. Trina collected his moments of weakness like a kid after baseball cards. But once they were hers, she cashed them in for pieces of his soul. He simply didn’t have enough left to let her play her games.

“My tits, my rules”

If there were two things Cade knew about the sleeping woman spread out across his bed like a flat sheet, it was that she was still keeping something from him and that she had an absolutely fantastic ass.
“Stop looking at my ass.” The grumble from under the pillow was grouchy, yes, but that didn’t bother him nearly as much as the hand trying to pull the shirt hem further down her body.
“Why not?” He didn’t bother to stifle the chuckle that rose up his chest as her attempts to snag the shirt end turned into a flapping fight to get her fingers free from the loose cuff of the sleeve. Didn’t she realize when she arched to reach back, she was lifting up and giving him a view that could make an atheist believe in God?
“It’s a male imperative. Man sees the Promised Land, nothing short of death is keeping him from staring at it.”

“That’s it? Yes. No explanations, no protestations of innocence?”
Trina shrugged. “I think I gave up innocent when I deep throated you.”

CONVICTED is a plot-driven yet emotionally intense story that wasn’t as sexually steamy as the others were, but fit into this anthology perfectly. This story makes me want an entire series based on the premise of it.
8.5/10 – GREAT READ!

Verdict on the anthology as a whole:

Four different stories, each exceptional in their own way!

This anthology should come with a huge warning: So hot it will set your reading device on fire! Read at your own risk! Each story is hotter than the other. If this book doesn’t get you twisting in your undies, I don’t know which one will!

Just one thing: that cover, ladies, it does not do this book justice…though I can appreciate the comedic note and can imagine why you chose it…
Added note from Pearl:
Meanwhile the cover has undergone a change and it is FABULOUS!!!! So please ignore my previous remark about the old cover LOL

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  1. @ FV > I initially had the cover that's on Goodreads up but updated it yesterday as Dee T sent me this cover that will be the final cover for the anthology.

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