QuickScore-Review: WISHING FOR GRACE by Inez Kelley

There is no blurb available, so I made a quickie teaser summary for it:

Caz Talbot is a former performing musician now songwriter who kicked his alcohol and drugs habit successfully though not without a price. He’s clean now and it’s hard but he’s making the best of it, wishing one day he’ll get to see the child he lost because of his addiction. When his brother Bastian makes that happen, a rollercoaster of emotions starts but there’s also hope at the end of the ride.

Author: Inez Kelley
Series: Free read connected to TURN IT UP
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Free read provided by author
Year of release: 2011, August 1
Format: ebook, pdf
Source: I downloaded it from HERE on the author’s website

First line:
The hot glare of the stage lights was familiar, but Caz wasn‘t center stage.

Memorable Scenes:
– It’s only 27 pages and the whole thing was memorable!!! Some highpoints though were:
*Caz hugging Grace for the first time
* Grace’s present and drawing for Caz

WISHING FOR GRACE is a story of love, pain, fear and redemption. The story is wholly focused on Caz and completely from his POV. That’s why I can’t tell you much about Maggie other than that she’s a woman with forgiveness in her heart but not willing to let anything or anyone hurt her child, not even the father.

I was happy to have this crumb of Caz and Maggie’s story but it was not nearly enough to satisfy my craving for a full story on those two. To get to know Maggie and Grace even more, know more of their past and see the future unfold for these three amazing characters.

Favorite Quotes:
Turning around took absolute concentration. His legs were wooden, his gut filled with lead but somehow, he moved. The space between them shrank. Maggie‘s long brown hair caught the winking lights of the mirrored ball hanging overhead. She might have been wearing a costume, he wasn‘t sure. He concentrated on her face. If he looked down… No, he couldn‘t handle that yet. Maggie‘s face was safe. He saw it often in his dreams. Her cheeks were a bit rounder and carried a soft blush. Had her eyes always been the shade of dark Columbian coffee? She sent him a fragile smile and his heart rate bottomed out. Flatline.

“I‘m sorry.”
How pathetic. He made a living writing word and music, telling a story, provoking emotions and stirring the soul but the best he could manage for her was, ‘I‘m sorry.’ And he was. He was a sorry excuse for a man.

Hello, Grace. I’m your father. I’ve loved you since the minute I found out about you. You’re my strength and my soul and I’m so sorry I wasn’t strong enough, that I couldn’t be there for every minute of your life. Please don’t hate me. Let me love you. You don’t have to love me back.


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