QuickScore-Review: THE LITTLE PLAID SKIRT SAGA by Elise Hepner

Naomi gets her high from crowd surfing in her little plaid skirt. She’s got voyeuristic tendencies and with a mosh pit full of people there are infinite sexual possibilities. She’s only got to look to the person next to her for a slamming good time in the sack and out of it.

Alissa is a cougar with a sex addiction and a penchant for stealing her daughter’s clothes. When she comes across a freebie catalog full of her favorite kind of dress up, she just can’t help herself. Out comes the credit cards and in she goes to the nearest single’s bar. It’s time to see what today’s catch of the day is.

In this anthology all it takes is a little scrap of fabric to rule the world. When playing dress-up who doesn’t want to take over the world?

Author: Elise Hepner
Series: not part of a series, as far as I know
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Excessica
Year of release: 2010, October 29
Format: eBook
Source: received a digital copy for review from author

First line:
VOL1 – Naomi
The rush of the crowd against her thighs as she surfed their open, groping arms made her wet at the seams.
VOL2 – Alissa
I couldn’t make up my mind today.


THE LITTLE PLAID SKIRT SAGA is an ultra short novella of the erotica variety. It’s not that I was expecting a romance with a HEA but the lack of emotional intensity and the strong lean to non-romantic and more straight sexual need/desire did remind me of why I love to read erotic romance and not so much erotica.

Also because these 2 stories were so very short I never had the chance to really get into the characters and click with them. Even though the stories felt a bit one-dimensional to me, the writing style is promising and I would love to read an erotic romance by this author.

I know there are erotica readers who will really like these stories and I urge them to give Elise Hepner a go as her knack for writing raw sexuality shines through, even for a reader like me who’s more into the HEA and the emotional part of erotic romance.

Favorite Quote:
(Vol. 2) I just had to play the good girl until the bad one came out to play.


2 thoughts on “QuickScore-Review: THE LITTLE PLAID SKIRT SAGA by Elise Hepner

  1. I think I still need to read my very first true erotica ;) At least the writing style left an impression with you, so perhaps a full length or category can satisfy you more!

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