Bandicoot Cove-Preview: PARADISE FOUND by Vivian Arend

Yesterday my ARC-review of EXOTIC INDULGENCE kicked off the Bandicoot Cove Experience, a feature on the Blog beween now and and September 21st with Previews, ARC-reviews and Guestposts from the authors Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper and Jess Dee.
Today Vivian Arend tells us a bit about her upcoming contribution to the series, PARADISE FOUND, with teasers and I will add a few of my favorite quotes to the mix.

Coming up next:

  • My ARC-Review of PARADISE FOUND – Monday August 22nd
  • Vivian Arend’s Guestpost on PARADISE FOUND and the series – Thursday August 25th

Take it away Viv,

Looking forward to some Down Under Heat?

This coming Tuesday a very special place in the world opens its doors to you. Take a trip to Bandicoot Cove, where the exclusive resort provides a place for more than just fun and relaxation. It’s somewhere you’ll find the perfect setting for passion, lust and falling in love.

Three linked novellas will be released August and September—stories that stand alone but intertwine with each other as well. And just to get you in the mood, there’s a free short story prequel, Exotic Indulgence, that gives you a glimpse of the resort and just how hot things really can get down-under.

I’ll tell you more on Thursday, but here’s a few teasers from my book PARADISE FOUND, both out next Tuesday.

The feather duster wasn’t nearly as intriguing as the five-inch heels gracing her long legs. And when she walked, her ass wiggled from side to side in time with the lusty song she sang. Dirty words, nicely in tune with the thoughts running through his brain. Oh, she could take it off if she wanted to. He’d have no complaints.
Bloody brilliant woman.
Trent pushed the door open and stepped into the entranceway. Paige twirled and straightened with a gasp, her long black braids flying as one hand snapped up to cover her mouth like some old-fashioned modest heroine. The laughter and smoldering heat in her eyes said there was nothing modest about what she wanted.

Oh God, she could kiss. All his plans to start a more serious discussion evaporated as she kissed her way up his jaw line to his ear and teased with her tongue.
“Damn it, woman, that drives me crazy.”
She nipped at his earlobe. “I know. That’s why I do it.” The words whispered past Mason’s ear, and he chuckled.

Paige shrugged the soft blouse from her shoulders, letting it flutter to the floor before reaching for the snap on her skirt. Trent swallowed the rest of his words as lust raced over his face, his gaze glued to her fingers.
Powerful. There was nothing on earth comparable to holding two passionate men in the palm of her hand like this.

So those were Viv’s teasers…I have read PARADISE FOUND and I have a few quotes of my own to add to the mix, but first a snippet from the review that is coming Tuesday…

…From the first page Vivian Arend doesn’t let down on the heat. A luscious hotel room and a little maid/guest roleplay was just the start for some scorching scenes. Just the kissing scenes set me on fire, let alone all the rest of it…

…PARADISE FOUND is explicit, so if you’re looking for sweet non-smutty romance without words like c#ck, f#ck or p#ssy…turn the other way because it will not be for you. However if you’re okay with explicitness and ménages (like I am) you will gobble this one up…

Some of my Favorite Quotes:

“Touch yourself.”
Paige instantly covered her breasts.
He rumbled with laughter. “That’s not what I meant.”

Mason picked her up and returned the squeeze as he attempted to ignore the soft swell of her breasts peeking above the low scoop of her top. Tried to refrain from grinding his half-hard c#ck against her body and rutting on her like a sex-crazed maniac. It was tough considering the moment her knees left the mattress she’d swung her legs around his hips and now clung to him, an erotic body wrap. The wet heat of her sex sat directly over his dick, and things were not getting any less impressed below his beltline.

Paige snatched his wrist in both her hands and actually bounced with excitement. “We’re going to the water slide. You want to come?”
Jesus. No . Sliding with his c#ck the size of a cricket bat he was liable to put out an eye.

Trent’s jaw swung open. “Holy fuck, are you hitting on me?”
“No! Bloody hell, I mean with Paige. I see no reason why we can’t both be with her, for good. If she wants a marriage license to make it official, that’s fine with me, but I don’t care if it’s your name on the piece of paper next to hers, or mine. There’s enough room for me to care for her, and you—in a totally nonsexual way—and I just…” Mason trailed off. The look of amusement on Trent’s face pissed him off a little. “What?”
Trent sniffed dramatically. “My first marriage proposal. Mason, I’m touched.”

Mason leaned in on her right, resting his chin lightly on her shoulder. He stared at her legs before giving a low growl. “I’m so going to strip those stockings off with my teeth.”

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