Bandicoot Cove-Preview: TROPICAL SIN by Lexxie Couper

Today my Bandicoot Cove Experience (a feature on the Blog beween August 19th and and September 21st with Previews, ARC-reviews and Guestposts from the authors Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper and Jess Dee) continues.
Today Lexxie Couper shares a few teasers from her upcoming contribution to the series,TROPICAL SIN and I will add a few of my favorite quotes to the mix.

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  • My ARC-Review of TROPICAL SIN by Lexxie Couper – Monday September 5th
  • Lexxie Couper’s Guestpost – Wednesday September 7th

Take it away Lexxie,

Being a True Blue, fair dinkum Aussie (translation: a proud and patriotic Australian citizen), I may be a little biased when I say there’s nothing as sexy and seductive as a smolderingly hot Aussie hero. But then again, maybe I’m just speaking the truth?

That being the question, are you ready for more Aussie heat from Bandicoot Cove Resort?

He looked up at her, his jaw square, his expression unreadable. He’d been her best friend since before she had her first boyfriend. He’d been her rock, her anchor. Her voice of reason when her journalist’s mind got carried away with her. She didn’t want him upset with her. She needed him with her on this.
He studied her with those deep, direct eyes of his. Eyes that missed nothing. Eyes that seemed to see nothing in the world but her.
A soft flutter constricted in McKenzie’s sex, unexpected and just as eager as her earlier response to Blackthorne.
She hitched in a silent breath and let his arm go, a lump forming in her throat. “Please,” she muttered, looking everywhere but at the man sitting before her. “Please come with me, Aidan.”
“Fuck it,” she heard him grumble, half a second before his chair scraped over the polished bamboo floor and he stood.

“He said no.”
“No?” She scrambled from her chair, her heart beating harder. Faster. “How could he say no? How could anyone with a pulse say no to you?”
Aidan’s face became still, a small muscle twitching in his jaw. “I don’t know, Mack. How can you?”
McKenzie’s heart didn’t just thump harder in her chest. It tried to smash its way out of her chest cavity. She looked up at him, lost for a thing to say.
“Ah, fuck it.” The words were almost a guttural growl. In two steps he destroyed the small space left between them, pressed his large hands on either side of her face and took her lips with his.

Without a word, Aidan removed the scarf from Nick’s hand, stepping behind McKenzie, towering over her.
Nick took his place in front of her, his gaze holding hers as Aidan slid his hands over her shoulders and down her arms, the scarf held loosely between his fingers, caressing her skin as he reached her wrists.
“You trust him, don’t you?” Nick’s balls rose at the concentrated want in McKenzie’s direct blue eyes.
He saw Aidan become still, his head bent, his body pressed close to McKenzie’s back, as if he needed to hear an answer he already knew. Perhaps, with Nick there, he did.
A small smile pulled at the corners of McKenzie’s mouth. “I trust him.”
Nick’s balls throbbed and he took a step closer, letting his denim-clad thighs brush her naked ones. “Do you trust me?”
“Yes.” She drew in a deep breath, the action causing her nipples to graze the front of his shirt and his balls didn’t just throb, they ached. “I do. Besides, I know Aidan will break you in two if you do anything to hurt me.”
Nick chuckled. “True.”
Aidan’s gaze flicked up to his. “True,” he said softly just as McKenzie’s gasp filled the room and her body stiffened.
Nick’s pulse thumped harder in his chest, her reaction telling him exactly what Aidan had done: tied the scarf around her wrists. Bound them together. Rendering her vulnerable.
Fuck, yes.

So, what do you think? Sexy and seductive? Or am I just a tad too biased? ;)

Bandicoot Cove awaits you. Where Paradise can be Found, the Island is Idyll and the Tropical heat makes for pleasurable Sin

So those were Lexxie’s teasers…Having read TROPICAL SIN I have a few quotes of my own to add to the mix, but first a snippet from the review that is coming Tuesday…

TROPICAL SIN is a novella filled with heat, humor and unrequited love turning into a wonderful match of soul mates. If you need something to heat up a cold night, just read TROPICAL SIN and central heating will not be necessary!

Some of my Favorite Quotes:

Aidan’s low grumble played over her senses and she started, her stomach tightening again. And not just her stomach this time, but all sorts of other parts of her anatomy: parts of her anatomy that had no right getting tight over Aidan Rogers.

Aidan pulled McKenzie—still squirming in his arms—harder to his body. It was a bad idea, of course. The way her toned backside kept rubbing against his dick, the way her full breasts kept pushing against his forearm, he was going to be in a rather stiff situation any second now. Better that, however, than Blackthorne taking a swipe at the tabloid journalist bugging him on his holiday. If that happened, Aidan was likely to do something very foolish. Knocking out the world’s most famous musician wasn’t on his bucket list.
(…) Just get her outta here, Rogers. Take her as far away from him as you can. Now. Before she bites your hand or you come on the small of her back.

“I came to ask…” Nick paused, rubbing at his mouth with a hand before raking it through his hair; hair, Aidan couldn’t help but notice, much more messy than it had been at the bar. “I wanted…” He let out a harsh breath, shaking his head and stepping backward. “F#ck,” he muttered, turning his face away, “where’s the cool f#cking rock star when I need him?”

“Arousing,” Nick growled, and it was a growl. Guttural and barely controlled, it was the horniest sound Aidan had ever heard a man make. “So damn arousing.”

“Was it good?” Kylie gushed, her excitement thrumming through the connection. “Tell me it was good. Tell me it was amazing. Oh, my God, tell me you’re going to do it again. And again. And again.”
With a small, lopsided smile, Aidan reached out and took the phone from McKenzie’s fingers, raising it to his ear. “And again,” he said into the mouthpiece, his voice a deep rumble that sent a shard of wet electricity into McKenzie’s core. “Now excuse us, will you Kylie? There’s somewhere I have to take Mack. And something I have to do to her. Again.”

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  1. Dawn, you make me smile. Big time. Thank you :)Aurian, I love the friends to lovers trope. This is the first time I've written one, but I love it so much. And who doesn't love sexy-as-sin rock stars? ;)

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