Excerpt + Giveaway: Wolfie World Tour Day 4: Excerpt from BLACK GOLD

On my second day of hosting the Wolfie World Tour Viv has an excerpt for us from BLACK GOLD. When I read the excerpt I was thrilled because my favorite Wolfie makes an appearance: TJ! I hope you’ll all enjoy the excerpt and don’t forget that any comment on the Wolfie World Tour posts will be included in the draw for the Grand prize of a $50 gift certificate to a bookstore of your choice. Also, check out Vivian’s Blog for the daily Friends of the Wolfies contest!

The Wolfie World Tour continues tomorrow and Tuesday at Stella’s Blog: Ex Libris, so hop on over to Hungary and make sure you comment there too as every comment goes towards that Grand Prize draw for the $50 gift certificate!

Lone wolf Shaun Steven’s automatic response to the words “happily ever after”? Kill me now. Yet with all his friends settling down he’s begun to think there may actually be something to this love-and-roses crap.

One thing’s for sure: his dream mate will have to out-cuss, out-spit and out-hike him. So he never expected the one to push his forever button would be a blue-blooded Southern debutante with a voice as dark and velvety as her skin.

When Gemmita Jacobs steps off the plane in Whitehorse, Yukon, it’s about more than her research project. It’s her declaration of independence from an overprotected upbringing. Except there’s something in the air she can’t quite define—something that unexpectedly rouses her mating instincts.

Moments after their eyes lock, the deed is done—and done thoroughly. When the pheromone dust settles, though, all the reasons they don’t belong together become painfully clear.

It’s enough to make a wolf learn a whole new set of cuss words…

Warning: Two strong wolves getting exactly what they deserve. Includes wilderness nookie, shifters being naughty in public places, the Midnight Sun as a canopy for seduction and grizzly shifters on the loose. Oh, and don’t forget the sarcasm.

And now for the excerpt:

Shaun spun his spoon between his fingers. Played with his coffee cup. Leaned back in his chair and rocked it precariously on two feet. He’d dressed and paced the room until Gem had basically ordered him to wait in the restaurant for her. It was either follow directions or break down the bathroom door, which she’d locked on him, and since he didn’t think Evan would appreciate him smashing up the hotel, he’d taken his reluctant carcass away and left his mate alone.
As he sat pondering his future, he didn’t know if he should run and hide, or go buy flowers.
“Careful. You break the chair, Evan will charge you to replace it. At least he always charges me.”
A familiar teasing grin poked into Shaun’s line of vision, and he caught himself a split second before tipping over onto his ass.
“TJ, what’re you doing here?”
The lanky young man grabbed the chair next to him, pivoted it to face backwards, and sat, straddling the seat. “Pam’s coming home today for a two-week stint. I’m picking her up at the airport, then we’re doing the four-hour drive back to Haines. Granite Lake pack is holding a celebratory…”
He sniffed the air, and his eyes grew wide.
Oh shit. TJ had the best nose in the north. Shaun figured Gem’s scent was all over him, and not only as a female he’d spent the night with for a bit of slap and tickle. He held up a hand. “I don’t want to hear it.”
As usual TJ ignored him. “Holy cow. Do I smell what I think I smell?”
“Shut it.” Just what he didn’t need. Love advice from someone nearly ten years his junior who until last year was best known for causing natural disasters everywhere he went. Didn’t matter that he and TJ belonged to different packs, there was enough history between them Shaun should have been eager to share his news, but no. Fucking. Way.
His friend paused for a moment then shrugged. “Okay.”
TJ motioned for the waitress, and she zipped over to pour him a coffee and top up Shaun’s.
It was the coward’s path. Shaun took an extra long time adding sugar and cream to his cup in an attempt to avoid having to talk. To justify why he was sitting here by himself when it would be clear to any wolf in the area that he had just found his mate.
The urge to blurt out something—to explain away what he didn’t really understand himself—was so strong Shaun had to bite his lips.
For once, TJ seemed to take the hint and drop the subject.
“You heading to the hangar in Haines Junction soon? Tad had me go get the aircraft ready for the summer season.” TJ grimaced. “The float plane was easy, but I don’t know what the hell you left in the chopper the last time you flew her. There were like a million mice nesting in there.”
“You’re worse than the pack kids. You know, when I dropped in at Tad and Missy’s last week I nearly broke my neck, and it wasn’t me being a klutz. Those kids have enough Lego to build a causeway to Russia. Plus, with the balls and stuffed shit there are times I think…”
Shaun pinched the bridge of his nose. Having TJ not ask about his mate was worse than having the discussion.
He gave up and scowled at the younger wolf. “Met her last night.”
TJ thumped rapidly on the chair back in front of him to produce a drum roll. “Now we’re getting somewhere. You work fast.”
Damn wolf genes. “It wasn’t my idea.”
TJ gave him the look. “Believe me, I know about having choices taken out of your hands. You’re a wolf, mating is never completely your decision.” He glanced around before warning, “Just a heads-up. That excuse, it wasn’t my idea? Like totally gets my ass kicked when I try to use it.”

To enter the Wolfie World Tour giveaway leave a comment with your answer to the following question:
Do you read excerpts of books to come or do you avoid them?


52 thoughts on “Excerpt + Giveaway: Wolfie World Tour Day 4: Excerpt from BLACK GOLD

  1. The only times I've usually read excerpts are with books that I'm dying to read. I probably should avoid them though because when I actually go to read that part in the book I'm not as involved.jessicamariesutton(at)msn(dot)com

  2. Depends on how pressed for time I am when I am on the the web. If I am looking for a particular book I might read the excerpt, but if I feel pressed for time I will just read the Blurb. Also sometimes read excerpts to enter a contest.linze_e at hotmail.com

  3. I almost never read exerpts, it is very frustrating when you want to read on and you can't. Like a book you loved is finished, and the first chapter of the next book is in it. Of course I don't read that if I have to wait many months to finish that one.

  4. Love this ex excerpt. Makes me want to continue on and see how Shaun handles this. I always read excerpts if I can because like Marybelle said "A little taste to whet the appetite" :)Carol LLucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. Depends on the book and how bad I want to read it. If it is something that I am really wanting, I will generally read anything I can find of it. If it is something that I want, but I don't absoulutely have to have it on release day (or earlier if possible), I may or may not read the excerpts.June M.manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  6. I generally do quickly read excerpts of books to come to see if anything grabs my attention, especially for authors/books that I'm not too familiar with but would like to know what the writing is like or how the story is told. However, if it's a very anticipated book that I'm just dying for it to be released then I would usually avoid excerpts so that it doesn't spoil my reading experience for when I do read the book.chibipooh(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. I love reading excerpts; especially if an author is new to me. Excerpts give me a nice little teaser about an author's works and it will help me decide if I want to purchase the book or borrow it from the library.Thanks,Tracey Dbooklover0226 at gmail dot com

  8. I like to read excerpts , gives me a little taste of the style of the book. often if a title or blurb doesn't grab me an excerpt on a blog will work in a books favour and get me interested.

  9. I usually avoid reading book excerpts, because I try to avoid spoilers and also I don't like not being able to read on. I usually read the book's blurb if I want to see if I'd be interested in it.spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. I do both depending on the book/author. Sometimes I just need a little taste, especially if it's been awhile since the last release, so I'll read the excerpt. bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  11. I like reading a few excerpts for upcoming stories on my wish list, though I don't want spoilers. So I don't go overboard reading extra excerpts and I tend to stay away from review posts.caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  12. I'm loving these excerpts :o) So to answer your question, yes I do read them lol. I have to say if the book isn't being released for ages then I tend to wait until nearer the release date though because otherwise it's like torturing myself with a book I desperately want but can't buy yet. As long as the book is out soon or already available then I love excerpts though, they're a good way of deciding if you're going to enjoy a new (to you) author's writing style :o)

  13. I will do a quick skim of excerpts provided in books of the next installment. However, I won't read it before to avoid spoilers. Excerpts from author's books are fune but if they are part of a series it can be tricky because I'm afraid it will contain spoilers.

  14. I used to joke that I was a Snippet Whore– *snort*. I love small excerpts and snippets like Viv's but I really try to avoid complete chapters when they are available. It's kind of like opening the gift before Christmas and taping it back up. I LOVE surprises, and never read spoilers.wayfaringwriter at gmail dot come

  15. I only read excerpts if I've never read the author and want to see if it might be worth reading/buying. If its an author I know/love (like Viv) reading the excerpt is just too frustrating. The only exception is if I get to the end of a book and am so upset that I can't read more, and the first ch. of the next book is right there, I might read it.

  16. I used to never read excerpts, but I've started to with books that I feel I'll like. It's not a very scientific decision-making process, but I'm more apt to read an excerpt from an author I've read before or one I've heard of.Most of the time, I really don't have enough time to read an excerpt. I'd rather just buy the book if it strikes my fancy and start readng it.MJBmsmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  17. Hi, I sometime's read exerpts unless it says it contains "spoiler's" then I don't or if I have read a book by an author and didn't like it then chances are I won't read any of their exerpts for new books.Macypsigirl74(at)yahoo(dot)com

  18. I love reading excerpts. Reading the excerpts is how I decide if it is something that I would be interested in reading or not. Also reading the excerpts is how I find new authors and new stories to read.I enjoyed reading this excerpt for Black Gold.

  19. Thank you for asking! I read a lot of excerpts. BUT NOT FOR BOOKS I KNOW I AM GOING TO READ! NO! Absolutely not. I tend to try to fill in the blanks and figure out the story and I am always wrong. Very frustrating. So, I skipped the excerpt above. This series is SO on my list.jepebATverizonDOTnet

  20. I love read excerpts because it usually gets me more excited to read a book. They usually pick a scene that should grab you, but if it doesn't then I might rethink reading that book.usignolc(at)yahooDOTcom

  21. I love read excerpts. I always want to have an idea about the book. Especially when it is a series, I love the spoilers I can't wait.artgiote at gmail dot com

  22. I do my best to avoid reading the excerpts so as not to spoil the book. Usually the back cover blurb is sufficient to entice me to buy the book.kacbooks(at)hotmail(dot)com

  23. I love excerpts–they give me a feel for whether or not I'm going to enjoy the whole story, and often leave me so anxious to read, I have to buy it and get reading right away ;)f dot chen at comcast dot net

  24. Oh I haunt the coming soon pages on Ellora's Cave, Samhain and others for any blurb and excerpt I can find. I do the same to my favorite author's WIP pages. Thanks for the contest. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  25. I read the excerpts! The worst is when I'm reading a series and they give you the first chapter at the end of the book. I can't help myself, I have to read it and then I'm dying for the book to come out.beckerjo at verizon dot net

  26. I usually read them, but if it is a series where I have not read the first book, then I do not read the excerpts for the others in the series. Make sense?Thanks for the awesome giveaway!ashleysbookshelf at gmail dot com

  27. Thank you for the blog tour..*S*I read the excerpts most of the time especially if its an author I know and love. But don't read them if their constantly repeated in several blogs or contest.Thank you for the awesome blog tour and contest…*S*I know I'm behind, but I'm determined to cat up because this is a series I was hoping and praying would continue…*S*An Alaskan Fan of the series!Darcypommawolf @hotmail.com

  28. Hi This is GREAT at Tour from all over the Globe. YOur answer is i read everything i see a book on something looks good i read it. Even though they don't always make my mind up i have to do more research if i am going to buy a book series that cost alot so i read some of the chapter to see if i want to read. Thanks Joannie jscddmj[at]aol[dot]com

  29. It depends on how I'm feeling at the moment and how much time I have but lately I tend to skip them. I prefer little blurbs instead, sometimes I just skim them and see if anything catches my eye. I did enjoy the advice at the end of Viv's excerpt.Zinaseawitchreviews@yahoo .com

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