Bandicoot Cove-Preview: ISLAND IDYLLE by Jess Dee

Today is the start of the last leg of my Bandicoot Cove Experience (a feature on the Blog beween August 19th and and September 21st with Previews, ARC-reviews and Guestposts from the authors Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper and Jess Dee). I am sad to see this experience coming to an end (for now). I had a blast reading the books and hosting the authors with their posts. Three awesome authors, each in their own way, with their own writing styles and personalities. I feel honored to have been given this opportunity!

It’s Jess Dee’s turn to share a few teasers from her upcoming contribution to the series, ISLAND IDYLLE and I will add a snippet of my review and a few of my own favorite quotes to the mix. Bear in mind that this is just a selection of the quotes I had, the others are included in the upcoming review.

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  • ARC-review of ISLAND IDYLL – Monday September 19th
  • Jess Dee’s Guestpost – Wednesday September 21st

Please help me give a warm welcome to Jess Dee. Take the mic, Jess ;)

Tuesday, the 20th of September is a day I’ve been anticipating for almost a year now, Why? Because it’s the day Island Idyll, the final novella in the Bandicoot Cove Anthology, finally releases.
This book was written mostly between the hours of midnight and 2am, when the rest of the house—heck, the rest of Sydney—slept. So when Pearl asked if I could find a couple of quotes from the book I particularly liked, well, I got a little nervous. C‘mon. Have you ever reread stuff you’ve written in the wee hours of the morning? Admit it. More often than not, it doesn’t make much sense the next day.
Fortunately (or with thanks to my editor), I managed to find a couple of quotes that not only made sense, but they kind left me smiling. I hope they have that same effect on you.




1) Was that a dolphin?
Uh, not likely, unless the dolphins living in this water were white, and Josh knew for a fact they weren’t. He’d swum out to a pod frolicking off the island just yesterday afternoon, and their sleek skins had been obviously grey. Varying shades of grey, yes, but still grey.
He blinked, looked again, and this time focused properly.
Ah, person. Not dolphin.
Woman, to be more specific.
Wha—? Wait. Naked woman!
Naked woman, wading through the water and…whooping?

2) Sienna had only had a crush on him the entire way through high school. She’d have shed her good-girl image in a second if even once he’d shown her any interest. Hell, she’d have tossed her much-cherished virginity aside in a heartbeat for just five minutes with him.

3) Ben was the only man she’d desired in eight years. Eight long years. She still desired him. That was a hard, unrelenting fact she couldn’t deny.
Yet sitting this close to Josh, with the salty, ocean air filling her nose and nothing but crystal water stretched out around them, her belly flipped from one side to the other. Hunger and lust coursed through her veins like an incoming tide. She wanted him. Wanted him with a fierceness that shook her.
Not Ben. Josh.

4) Don’t blush. Do not blush. “Know what I used to call you back in school?”
“Josh?” he hazarded.
“Nice try.” She rolled her eyes. “But wrong. I called you Josh Lie-With-Me.”
The eyebrow lifted higher.
“Because all I freaking wanted to do was lie with you. Even for just five minutes.”
He threw his head back and laughed out loud, the first genuine emotion he’d shown since he’d begun telling her his sorry story. “See, princess. That’s why you and I could never have worked. You and your angelic ways. You had a crush on me for five years, and all you wanted to do was lie with me?”
“No, you moronic halfwit. I had a crush on you for five years, and all I wanted to do, even if it only lasted five minutes, was fuck your brains out.”

5) God, Ben. He felt so damn good. So damn real. He was there. With her. The man she’d loved her entire adult life. Her best friend. Her lover. Her fiancé.
Her throat clogged with emotion. She’d missed him. Every minute of every day. His absence had left a gaping hole in her life. A bottomless pit of loneliness, and now he was there. With her. Again.

6) She ran her hands over the thick muscles in his arms, up over his shoulders. So broad. So secure. She’d always felt safe, protected when leaning against those massive shoulders.
She still did, although not quite so safe as she once had. The trust and the security had been ripped away. Finding it again, in its wholeness, would take a while.
What wouldn’t take a while was her utter sexual surrender to him. She could never refuse Ben. Never wanted to. Physically, she couldn’t wait to give herself to him. Emotionally…they’d have to see.

So those were Jess’s teasers…Having read ISLAND IDYLLE I have quite a few quotes of my own to add to the mix, but first a snippet from the review that is coming Tuesday…This book totally blew me off my socks!

ISLAND IDYLLE is a more than worthy addition to the Bandicoot Cove series. With its own unique approach to the ménage theme it was definitely my favorite of the 4 books so far. It’s a perfect combination of explicit, luscious eroticism, heartbreaking emotions and awesome writing skills. It was an awesome, almost perfect, story that just checked all the right boxes with me. It moved me to tears, it aroused me to combustion and it resonated deeply, even after having finished reading it!

Some of my Favorite Quotes:

Of course she was swimming naked. Anyone with a body quite so bountiful and beautiful should swim naked. It should be written into Australian federal law. She should have the political right to display that body to every red-blooded male in the country.
Er, hell, no. She shouldn’t.
She should only display that body to him. And only ever in private, away from the prying eyes of any other hot-blooded male anywhere on earth.
Okay, so he wasn’t so close he could make out details like cup size and freckles, but his view was clear enough that his dick stood up for a look as well.
“Down boy,” he growled quietly. “No way I can run with a woody.” (Josh)

Sienna had been primed and ready for Josh. The idea that he might indulge in a little secret play in public had thrilled and excited her. True, it was Ben who’d taught her about the thrill of hiding in plain sight, who’d introduced her to the danger, the risk and the incredible exhilaration. But it was Josh whose touch she’d expected tonight. She’d responded readily, happily when he’d embraced and caressed her. And she’d felt comfortable, right in her response.

“You mistook me for another man?” Ben asked with a strange hollowness to his voice.
Sienna gaped at him. “You’re not supposed to be here. You’re not supposed to be holding me. Touching me.”
“And he is?” Ben asked with a soft snarl.
Yes! The answer was on the tip of her tongue, but she bit it back. Her answer was not his concern. Once it would have been his concern. Now? No.
Didn’t mean his presence wasn’t making her heart pound a gazillion miles an hour. Didn’t mean she wasn’t breathing him in greedily, committing his scent to memory once again, shaking violently from his mere presence. His physical proximity had always affected her like this. Always made her want him so badly her muscles weakened.

“You want to go back to him? Then go,” Josh said. “I won’t stop you. I won’t get in your way. But you have to take those steps. You have to walk away from me in order to get to him. Can you do that?”
Without waiting for her response, he kissed her. With the full force of his Josh Lie-With-Me mouth. His lips consumed, his tongue seduced and his body molded to hers, reminding her of every delicious pleasure they’d shared that afternoon. Every mind-blowing orgasm, every titillating tease. Every laugh he’d wrung out of her and every tear she’d held inside upon learning about this childhood.

A jerk pulsed through her when a pair of hands settled on her hips. While Ben’s mouth devoured hers, the taste of chocolate rich and sweet on her tongue, Josh tugged gently, pulling her ass backwards by mere inches, until it rested against his pelvis, his erection pressing between her butt cheeks.

He straightened his legs, still standing behind her, but he kept his distance. If he brushed his dick against her ass, even once, he’d lose control and come in his damned pants.

Damn it, he could barely breathe as he looked at her. As he considered sharing her. Love for Sienna welled in his chest, constricting his lungs and his heartbeat.
She’d lost weight, felt different in his arms. But she still smelled like the woman he loved. Like roses in summer. Like a breath of fresh air. With her he felt like a whole man and not the hollow ghost he’d become after she left. (Ben)

In her entire life, Sienna had never been more aroused, more alive. She had never experienced such bone-deep pleasure. Had the world ended right then, Sienna would die a contented, happy woman.

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