Review: CLAY by Cheyenne McCray

Rancher Rylie Thorn loves everything about men, but she’s positively phobic about commitment. After growing up in a broken family and witnessing too many failed marriages, Rylie knows “forever” is just not in the cards for her.

Sheriff Clay Wayland has been called in to investigate a rash of crimes in the southeastern corner of Cochise County. But one night when he goes into the field to do some observation, he comes across a sensual woman who’s doing some investigating of her own. Rylie immediately sets his blood on fire and he knows he has to have her. And it isn’t long before Clay begins the job of taming this wildcat and making her his. . .for keeps.

Title: CLAY
Author: Cheyenne McCray
Series: Armed and Dangerous, book 4
Genre: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Year of release: 2011, April 12
Format: Tradesize Paperback
Source: Bought via The BookDepository

First line:
Rylie Thorn pulled at her earlobe as she guided her battered ranch pickup into the parking lot of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department.

Memorable Scenes:
– chapter 12 in its entirety > both in heat, plot and emotion this was a crucial and memorable chapter

Rylie Thorn is a rancher and from a broken home and dysfunctional family. She’s a wildcat and determined not to follow in her mother’s doormat footsteps. She’s stubborn, take-charge and emotionally distant. Though she’s sexually uninhibited she fears intimacy and doesn’t believe in love or marriage.

Clay Wayland is the County’s sheriff and his personality matches his job. He’s commanding and goes after what he wants. In this case he wants Rylie.

First sexually tinted scene between Riley and Clay was a bit weird for me (Rylie let’s a stranger – Clay fondle her to a climax outside while peeping Tom-ing her foreman having sex with 2 women) and I had to suspend disbelief to get over it and enjoy the rest of the romance. And yet I think what keeps me coming back to this series is the scorching heat of the sex scenes. In CLAY, unapologetic and in clear, straight language the hot chemistry between Rylie and Clay set the pages on fire.

The plot, which was not the strong point in this installment, revolved around truck thefts along the border. I was hoping it wasn’t going to turn out as predictable as I was suspecting from early on in the book and fortunately it wasn’t too predictable but it wasn’t very thrilling either except for the showdown wrap-up scene. The suspense was just less intense than the steaminess in this book.

Cheyenne McCray’s writing reels me in. I don’t know what hold this series has over me but even though neither book in the series has blown me away so far, any new book released in it never lingers very long on my Mt. TBR. The minute a new release arrives I put it on the TBR shelf but it keeps calling me, enticing me to start reading it and before I know it, I’ve cracked the spine and started reading…This series is my crack, I tell you! I just can’t stay away from it.

CLAY is another good addition to this very addictive series. The predictability of the suspense was made up for by the scorching sexual chemistry and hot as hell sexy scenes and I’m ready for the next book in the Armed and Dangerous Series. If I may make a suggestion, NOAH would be a great contender and my pick to continue this series with.

Favorite Quotes:
The little wildcat glared at him. She didn’t spit, but she didn’t kill him either. That had to be a win. After a second or two of stripping him down with those hot eyes, she spun and marched out of the control room.

“Fair’s fair.” Rylie gave him a saucy smile, but inside she was a quivering mass of lust. Every cell in her body screamed with need for this man. Nee to have his naked form against hers, need to taste his skin, and need to see if he fit as perfectly inside as he did outside.

“I hate to break this moment, but you think you could unlock these handcuffs?”
“I don’t know.” He propped himself up on both arms and his lips quirked in a grin. “Kinda like you right where I’ve got you.”
“Oh?” Damn but he made her feel all quivery and gooey inside. “What do I have to do to convince you?”
Clay raised an eyebrow. “Of what?”
“That there’ll be hell to pay if you don’t get these things off me now.”
With a soft laugh he rolled off of her, sliding out and leaving her empty without him. “Now supposing I can’t find the key?”
Rylie glared at him. “Supposing I’m gonna kick your ass, cowboy.”

“You are so dead, Clay Wayland,” Rylie muttered as he climbed another set of stairs and she bounced against his back. “Right after I ride you like a wild bronco, I’m gonna kill you.


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