ARC-Review: QuickScore of A COWBOY’S MUSE by Beth Williamson

Clio is not only the muse of history, she has virtually lived her life through books. When a lightning strike sends her through space and time, Clio finds herself in the Old West with no way of getting home and none of her powers. Relying on her book learning is not working out like she’d hoped.

Ace Nevada is an unwilling sheriff who has spent the last year trying to get out of town. When a crazy woman lands in the horse trough in front of a saloon, he finds himself strangely attracted to her. He can’t help himself from sampling her lips or her incredibly lush body.

Clio learns how to be human and Ace remembers what it is to be human. They are two halves of the same whole. Mates. When Clio’s powers return, will their love pass the test of time?

Author: Beth Williamson
Series: standalone
Genre: Historical Romance, Time-Travel, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Year of release: 2011, September 27
Format: eBook
Source: received an e-ARC from the author for review

First line:
Clio spent most of her time reading books.

Memorable Scenes:
– the opening scene where Clio finds herself flung on Earth and landing in a trough > great opening with lots of humor (and we all know who’s a sucker for humor)

Clio, goddess (and muse of History) travels to from Mt. Olympus to Earth and back in time by accident and ends up in 1875 Peyote, Texas. I really liked Ace and his straightforwardness, gruffness and brutal honesty and I loved the combination of innocence and fierceness that was Clio.

A COWBOY’S MUSE was my first time-travel/historical western/pnr (yup, a mesh-up of epic proportions) in years and though Beth Williamson’s writing is definitely something I loved and I certainly want to read more of her work in a contemporary setting, there’s a reason I haven’t read mesh-ups like these for years: I’m not a big fan of either historical western or time-travel.

However if you love these types of stories don’t hesitate to get it and read it because in the short span of 50 pages Williamson delivered a lovely, nicely wrapped up story that had great characters, had lots of humor and was sizzling hot to boot!

Favorite Quotes:
“Somebody get her a towel or something,” a deep voice said. “For Chrissakes, stop staring, Billy! Ain’t you ever seen a woman in a purple peek-a-boo before?”
“Not like that, Ace. I was hoping to get a look at her–” answered another voice, this one a bit whiny.
“Shut up and get back inside that damn saloon before I shoot you, you stupid cowpoke.”

Maybelle swept out onto the porch. Shit. “Ace Nevada! Get your hands offa that girl.” Ace pushed Clio off his lap back onto the step where she landed with a thump.
“She kissed me, Maybelle.”
Maybelle snorted. “And I’m the Queen of England. Clio! Get yourself back in this house!”
Clio jumped up and darted into the house. He waited for the rest of it.
Maybelle smacked him across the back of his head and ended his waiting.
“Leave that girl alone, Ace. She ain’t quite right in the head and she don’t need a smooth-talker like you ruffling her drawers.” With one last smack, Maybelle went into the house behind his goddess.

There were six men in the room, all ogling, staring at, pawing and flirting with Clio! My woman. My goddess. Some unused instinct buried deep inside his soul howled and clawed its way up out of the darkness. As he watched in disbelief, Clio laughed and touched, touched, the hand of the man to her left.
The man who would soon only have one hand. “What in the hell is going on in here?” he thundered.


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