Requested Review: QuickScore of DOUBLE STROKES by Kat Black

Just what is a good girl supposed to do, faced with the wicked temptation of not one bad boy, but two?

No matter how hard good girl, Gemma Trent, tries to run from the mistakes of her past, she can’t seem to escape the memories of two hard-bodied, hot-blooded rowers, and the shameful things she let them do to her one crazy night five years ago in the college boathouse. Perhaps only by facing up to those mistakes can she prove that she’s no longer that sort of girl, and finally set herself free.

As determined as Gemma seems to be to smother the truth of her passions, Nathan Hunter and Ben Pearce—having already had her slip through their callused fingertips once—are equally committed to fanning the embers and rekindling the fire they suspect still smoulders deep inside. Now that they have her within reach again, all they have to do is convince Gemma to put her own self-imposed prejudices aside, and remind her just how good it feels to share.

Author: Kat Black ( I have added this link to the Author’s Blog, since there is also a YA-writing Kat Black and I assume this is not she)
Series: standalone
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Year of release: 2011, September 12
Format: eBook, 29 pages
Source: Received an digital copy from the author for review

First line:
In one of the bustling spectators’ enclosures set up along the Thames riverbank for the annual Henley Royal Regatta, Nathan Hunter milled with a group of old university rowing club peers, reunited for finals day of the world-famous competition.

Memorable Scenes:
– as the story is extremely short I’d like to qualify it as memorable in its entirety > an ultra-quick and very hot read

From the first sentence I loved Kat Black’s writing style that just flows, making this story easy to read and fast-paced. I loved the characters: Ben is playful, smooth and soothing, while Nathan is intense, impulsive and demanding. That leaves Gemma in the middle (literally) who embraces the sexual needs she has underneath her proper and good-girl shell.

DOUBLE STROKES is very short (29 pages), fast and intense. I hope there will be more on these three characters as this short has really whetted my appetite. The ménage scene is hot and well-written and I cant wait to see what Kat Black can do with a bigger page-count and a meatier storyline!

Favorite Quotes:
Always more careful to conceal his emotions than his friend, Nate gave every impression of being engrossed in the reminiscences of the rowdy group. But beneath the smiles and banter, his real focus lay with Ben’s every tic and twitch.
That’s how he knew the precise moment the blond man’s body tensed up, attention snagging on something over Nate’s left shoulder. In response, Nate felt his own muscles snap taut, breath stilling with anticipation.

“If we race in and pounce on her like a pair of slavering beasts, all it’s likely to do is make her fling up her defenses and start worrying about her reputation all over again–” Ben paused to study Nate’s face before raising a wry brow. “And that’s assuming one look at you doesn’t send her running for cover first. You’re projecting the wrong side of caveman right now, mate.”

The only reason she’d agreed to come here was so she could finally face up to and bury the mistakes of the past. To prove to herself she’d moved on, grown out of those shameful, confused impulses–matured into someone normal.
Except it was blatantly obvious she’d done no such thing, not when a single look from the dynamic duo was all it took to turn her nipples hard and make her knickers damp.

Nate’s voice was a satin-covered dagger, cutting right through her defenses and stabbing into the secret heart of her need. He was right, she had wanted more.

Reduced to nothing more than a quivering bundle, Gemma clung to Ben, letting the movement of his thrusts become her own. Clasping a big palm around her nape, he held her ear to his mouth, pouring a sensual stream of words into it, making her insides quiver.

2 thoughts on “Requested Review: QuickScore of DOUBLE STROKES by Kat Black

  1. Thank you, Pearl, I'm so glad you enjoyed the read. More Nate and Ben? Hmm, maybe… though not for a while. So many other bad boys to write about, so little time!Kat x

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