ARC-Review: SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS by Jess Dee

Every girl’s fantasy…one woman’s dream

Sophie Butler is sure she’s about to lose her much-needed cleaning job. She’s not only walked in on a guest—a violation of her employer’s cardinal rule—but she can’t seem to tear her gaze away from his gorgeous, naked-as-the-day-he-was-born body.

If all that isn’t bad enough, her usually sensible judgment and behavior are clouded by a nagging sense of familiarity. She knows the man from somewhere, she just can’t quite place him.

Nathan Pace is certain he’s just lost his jealously guarded anonymity. But hold on…if she’s just another fan looking for a piece of his alter ego, rock star Jamie Speed, why is she blushing six shades of scarlet? And why is he instantly aroused? When he catches a glimpse of her eyes, he knows. She’s the woman who for ten years has haunted his dreams.

The attraction that flares between them is undeniable—and unstoppable. But getting close means risking Nathan’s secret identity. Just this once, he’d like a woman to fall for the real man, not the press’s version of a celebrity superstar.

Warning: This may be an erotic contemporary romance, but it does contain a hint of fantasy. And when that fantasy involves erotic dreams about a gorgeous rock star, you know you’re gonna want the fantasy to become reality…

Author: Jess Dee
Series: Speed, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2011, November 1
Format: eBook
Source: Received an e-ARC from the author for review

First line:
Shocked all the way down to her toes, Sophie Butler gawked at the man.

Memorable Scenes:
– the second time Sophie walks into Nathan in his appartment > awesome scene and ‘Holy moly’ indeed!
– the scene in Nathan’s spa/hottub > OMFG!! HOT x 10000
– the concert and Nathan singing for Sophie > moved me to my core

Sophie Rose Butler is working as a cleaner to pay off the student loan she took to pay for her psych degree. On the job she walks in on one of the guests and this changes her life in ways she couldn’t have dreamed of. Sophie is outspoken, she blurts out anything that comes to her mind. She’s also spontaneous and down-to-earth.

Nathan James Pace is wary of stalking groupies who are after his rock star alter ego, Jamie Speed (lead singer of the band Speed) so when Sophie appears in his bedroom at first he’s suspicious but soon the suspicion turns into something entirely different. He’s commanding and a hero after my own heart as he’s talkative (and we all know how much I love my dirty talking heroes…

The banter between Sophie and Nathan was as enjoyable as the chemistry between them was hot. The sex scenes set my e-reader on fire as they were beyond scorching! Jess Dee writes sex scenes like nobody’s business. They are explicit, evocative and luscious. Though this is only the second book I’ve read by Jess Dee, I have quite taken a liking to her writing style.

There weren’t many secondary characters but it suffices to say that I am intrigued beyond measures by Nathan’s brothers and fellow band members Zachary and Seth and their band manager Luke. As SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS is the first book in the series I am thrilled to know there will be books about the brothers and hopefully Luke too.

I loved the premise of this book and the execution of said promise. The rock star spiel and the fact that Sophie and Nathan have been seeing each other in their dreams for ten years without ever meeting one another, was an interesting concept and gave this book a fabulous edge that makes it stand out from other contemporary romances.

From the first word, page and chapter I was drawn into this story and Jess Dee’s writing. It’s clean, crisp, unapologetic and fast-paced. Just the way I like my contemporary romances. I love how her writing is pure and unembellished and very down to earth while still being hot, emotionally gripping and erotic. The way she combines red-hot heat with the beautiful build up of deeper feelings and love and the depth of her characters is simply mesmerizing.

I couldn’t stop reading and read SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS in one sitting. More accurately, I gobbled this second book I’ve ever read by Jess Dee up, like a starved pauper at an all-you-can-eat buffet. And I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!

Favorite Quotes:
Her body burned. Lust seeped from the point of contact with his mouth, through her arm, into her stomach and lower. It curled in a tight ball between her legs, stirring up an insistent hum of need.

“I wanted you yesterday at the pastry shop too.” Nathan’s voice drizzled over her like melted chocolate. Sweet, creamy and so damn smooth.

Look, Sophie, we can’t kid ourselves. I live a million miles away, and I’ll only be in Sydney another two days. But we’re here now, and whatever forces have thrown us together, this feels good now. It feels right.”
If by right he meant tingly all over, shaky with anticipation and desperate to touch, then yes, now did feel right.

She had no idea whose groan filled the air, but it was low and infused with a desperate cry of hunger.

“You’re the first guest I’ve walked in on.”
“And your last, I hope.” Jesus. Where did that come from? He had no right to demand anything from a woman he’d met just the day before. Even if she did seem to soothe his soul and fill the emptiness in his heart.

Nathan’s heart wrenched. His chest ached as he watched her erotic dance. He could fall in love with this woman. He could fall hard and fast and never know what hit him.
That tingle in his spine, that seemed to have been present since he yanked the front door open, multiplied. Electricity chased its way over every nerve ending.

Lights exploded behind his eyelids, the tingles spread, fingers of electricity snaking up his spine.
He fought it off. Damn, he fought.
Didn’t help. Those lips. That tongue. Her mouth…

No matter that he’d made love to her in the dressing room a little over an hour ago, he was ready again. He groaned softly. “I’ve got an erection from hell.”
“Yeah? Well, at least it’ll ease in a few minutes,” Sophie grumbled in his ear. “I have to walk around in wet panties for the rest of the night.”

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