QuickScore-Review: LUCILLE’S LAWMAN by Beth Williamson

More than the law will be tested when a marshal meets a feisty widow.

Sean Reilly had the bad luck to be assigned the blue marble – the “cursed” marble shunned by the four other marshals in the Arizona Territory. He’s sent to take care of a land dispute for a widow named Lucille Quinn. He has no idea just how his life will change because of the dang blue marble.

Lucille Quinn needs help to settle the matter of some missing cattle. The marshal that arrives is unexpected as he is good-looking. Who is she to deny the urge to pleasure herself and him? What she doesn’t expect is to find there’s more to the man than good looks and broad shoulders.

The meeting is by pure chance, the result is pure magic.

Author: Beth Williamson
Series: standalone
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Year of release: 2011, June 27
Format: eBook
Source: Received an e-copy from author for review

First line:
“That blue marble is cursed.”

Memorable Scenes:
– Lucille shooting at Sean > awesome!
– scene at the waterfall > oh my hotness!

A confident, capable U.S. marshal and a feisty, bossy, blunt widow who have a past together make for some main great characters in this ultra-short 25-page story. The humor in this story was perfect! There were many moments where there was a grin on my face. It’s too short for depth or romance but who cares, when it was so hot it set the pages on fire!

LUCILLE’S LAWMAN is one hot little number. Though I’m not a big fan of historical westerns I must say this tasty little morsel has definitely whetted my appetite for more.

Favorite Quotes:
Sean’s annoyance notched up quickly. “Hell no. What you think I can’t perform my duties if it’s hot?”
“No, he’s trying to save you from the Black Widow.” Forrest made some kind of odd gesture with his hands.
“I don’t think I need saving. And just what the hell are you doing?” Reilly stared at the man. This was a US Marshal?
“Warding off evil. She’s a witch, you know. She’s the one who put the curse on that marble. She been nagging us for months about some missing cows.” Forrest picked up his hat from the scarred wooden table top. “I’m leaving before the curse gets itchy for someone else.”

“Slowly reach down and pull out your badge, and only your badge.” She took pleasure in watching that tanned, long-fingered hand slide down into his trousers. The movement made her nipples pop, which was a bit embarrassing. He didn’t need to know her traitorous body reacted so strongly.
As he moved slower than Mabel, she almost told him to hurry up. He was being careful, and rightfully so because she would shoot him if need be, but hell, he didn’t have to be that careful. By the time he took the badge out and tossed it in her direction, she couldn’t keep quiet any longer.
“I think a spider spun a web near your boot while you were taking your sweet time.”

“I ain’t gonna stand here with the door open all night. The bugs will think it’s an invite for a feast.” She raised her brows. “You joining me in here or not?”
A small grin played at the corners of his mouth. “Are you inviting me in, Lucy?”
She pursed her lips. “I’m telling you it’s gonna be witch tit cold out there tonight with nothing but coyotes and snakes for company. In here you got a warm woman, a place to lay your head and a night of pleasuring.”


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